Edit: Although it may seem like we’ve been getting bad news all day, for once today we have some good news! The good news is that we got  over 2100+ hits today, 140+ comments, 275+ Google Searches, and 20+ join comments!

Over the past few days the Ice Warriors have been at war with tons of armies. After ACP had declared war on IW, it was certain we couldnt win this war. The alliance then planned an invasion on the USIW. The terms of the surrendering for each army is different. Most have the same terms, they will accept our surrender. UMA will only surrender if IW decides to keep me as a leader or I retire and there will be 2 new leaders. This post will be a poll for all Ice Warriors to decide whether I should:

1. Stay as IW leader alone

2. Retire and let 2 other people lead IW

Format to comment:

1. CP Name
2. IW Rank
3. Answer (1 or 2)

1. Only current IW can vote
2. No double comments
3. You must have commented on the active count to vote.

The poll will end on Saturday morning. This post will be edited with other information of other armies surrender.

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Edit by Ruggy: As you may or may not know a couple of major armies will be invading many of our servers tomorrow. As of right now were not sure what were going to do yet. With so many armies to defend our servers from it’ll be difficult to defend any. In case we end up defending our servers tomorrow I wan’t every single Ice Warrior Troop to be on tomorrow during the invasions. The fate of the Ice Warriors Army will be depended on all of you. Here is the info:

When: August 6th and August 7th 2010

Where: Meet on Ice Warriors Chat


10:00am Pst

11:00am Mst

12:00pm Cst

1:00pm Est

6:00pm UK (GMT)

7:00pm Central Europe

8:00pm Eastern Europe

Be sure to make it