Recruit A Friend/Legends Cup

❗ Tournament Battle is now Over ❗

As most of you know we made it to the  Quaterfinals for the Legends Cup Tournament . We will be facing either UMA or Team Gold in this round. Both are two armies that we cannot under estimate.  All troops need to try to attend! Here is the info:

Ice Warriors Vs UMA

Where: Outback, Snow Forts, Town & Plaza (If full use server Snow Fort)

When: August 14 2010


  • 1 PM PST
  • 2 PM MST
  • 3 PM CST
  • 4 PM EST
  • 9 PM UK



To be announced.

A reminder of the rules:

  1. Each battle will last 30 minutes.
  2. Each battle will take place in the Snow Forts, Town, and Plaza. If any fighting occurs outside of this area, it will not be counted towards the results.
  3. No joke bombs. Joke bombs suck. Seriously.
  4. No bots, no cheating, no spying, etc.
  5. No allies.

This post will be just a quick review about Recruit A Friend.

Recruit A Friend (RAF) is a new system where you can have your friends, family, or just about anyone you know in real life or on the inernet join the Ice Warriors. By having 1 person join the Ice Warriors, you will gain 1 RAF Point. In order to gain the RAF point, the person you sent to join had to comment on the Recruit A Friend Page and he/she must be active for at least a week. You can exchange rewards by gaining RAF points. Some of the rewards are temp moderator, temp owner, a promotion, etc.

To learn more about Recruit A Friend, you can view the page at .

REMEMBER, the person you are recruiting MUST fill out the join application on the Recriut A Friend page and MUST include YOUR Club Penguin Username.

Start Recruiting!

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234