Legend Cup Results – IW Won

Artic: Guys, calm down a bit. While its not clear whos the winner, we are definatly the LARGEST army.  90 on chat and 80+ on cp were some of the largest numbers by any army during the cup.

The Ice Warriors have won!


Edit 1 : These are 57`s pics. Also, The Ice Warriors werent just at dock, we were clearly at town, beach, and snowforts. We filled the town completly, and the dock was full of nachos and ice warriors. So what i dont get, is , we lost for not being able to hack into the damn room? If this is your excuse, better find another one, one that makes sense too.  Now, IW dont hate nachos, IW hate the judges. The nachos did bring up a great fight and brought up a challange with enormous numbers. The IW you were facing wasnt all of us which kinda sucked. Those were all the nachos as well. We need more space, i say we send hate mails to disney ;D

Edit 2 : The pics are down at the bottom of the post, i dont know how they got there though xD



86 on chat

We have officialy defeated the Nachos. After 1 hour of fighting, and 6 hours of recruiting, we were able to pull it off. Throughout the entire battle we had 80+ troops on chat and 80+ on CP. At one point we reached 90+ on chat and 100+ on CP. 2 new records.

Even though CPA says Nachos have won, they are wrong. For the championship battle there were 7 judges. Matre was automaticaly made a judge near the end of the battle. Why should he be able to judge a battle for the last 10 minutes if we have proof that we won? After the votes were 4 – 4, Las made it “official” saying Nachos won. He shouldnt be able to pick who won even if he ran this tournament. It is completely unfair. Also, do you know he and his voted for RPF in the IW VS RPF battle? Seems kind of fishy if you ask me. Also, we were able to outnumber the Nachos and use better tactics when we were in the Snow Forts alone.

To me, the ending of this tournament was set up. The ACP high ranks wanted it to be IW VS Nachos and then make IW lose so we would get angry at Nachos and declare war. Then, ACP would come in and attack the Nachos with us. I know ACP wanted war with Nachos for awhile, and this seemed to be the right way to do it. Now people might think “why would ACP lose the tournament on purpose?” Simple, ACP would rather have the Nachos die then to win a tournament.

The bottum line is we won this tournament. CPA knows IW won, but they dont want us to. It would be reasonable for CPA to admit that we won, but who knows. Oh wait, all of the CP armies know the IW won and Nachos did a great job. Las’s followers know IW won but they wanted Nachos to.

War has come home

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234


Snowforts-Full (circle for your entertainment)

Same circle

We make another circle