Funeral For Iceyfeet1234`s Great Grandmother.

Gill1097 Edit : For all you heartless souls, out there, Icey did NOT shcedule this, neither did he “shout out to the world” . I planned this funeral for him. If you have something to say , please comment, and i will be SURE to talk to you on xat.

Iceyfeet Edit: I would like this funeral to be for IW only, because my Great Grandmother wanted her funeral for family only. So if she asks for a family only funeral, then all IW family will be invited.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say this, Icey`s great grandma died around 10:20 pm – 10:30 pm est on August 21st 2010. His great grandma has been sick for a while now, and IW gave our hopes to her, and now we give our hearts to Icey`s family. We wish your grandma lives peacefully in the great skys of heaven ~Gill1097~

We`ll be holding a funeral for this sad event.

Where? Sub Zero

When? Sunday August 22nd 2010

Times : 3:00 pm est

                2:00 pm central

                1:00 pm mountain

               12:00 pm pacific

               8:00 pm U.K

Please be kind to icey these next few days, as he is vulnerable right now, give him your hopes and wishes for his family.

P.S – If ACP and allies are invading at this time, dont worry about them. We will go to this funeral instead. If acp and allies dont care , than they dont have hearts.

~Gill1097 IW 4ic~