The Light Troops’ Declaration of War and some Defenses *IMPORTANT*

Daleboxtel Edit: As you Probably know, from Monday – Friday (It’s that Monday today) I will be Gone. Most of you Know why. But I will return on Saturday to be Active, Ect. Also, Last Night I made an IW Video. Here It is.

Well, apparently after their fun raid in our practice battle, the Light Troops have decided to declare war on us. Oh, and they have reasons too.

Good reasons, I guess.

From their post, they get the dates wrong, so I corrected them. Below are the details on the defenses.

Defense of Chinook

When: Tuesday, May 1st

Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK


Defense of Deep Freeze

When: Wednesday, May 2nd

Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK


Defense of Below Zero

When: Thursday, May 3rd

 Times: 6:00PM EST || 5:00PM CST || 4:00PM MST || 3:00PM PST || 11:00PM UK

These events are important, so make sure to come!

Comment if you can come to these events!


Promotion Event Results

Hey there everyone! Today, we have won the practice battle against the Ninjas. We began doing tactics in the Town while waiting for them to show up at the Town 5 minutes before it started. Meanwhile, the Light Troops decided to come on and disguise themselves in our colors. Wwebestfan told me they were planning to yell out “TURN YELLOW” in order to steal some troops. They did just that but failed and the battle commenced and progressed at the Snow Forts.

We maxed a size of 25 troops, which was the size we were aiming for. Our lines and tactics were very good too. Promotions should be released either tomorrow or on May 1st. Pictures from the 3-way battle are below!