May 2012 Promotions

Again, they didn’t take me long, which was good. Remember that the ranks were cleared out on Sunday, so if you don’t see your name on the ranks, make sure to tell me or an owner to add you back. Below are the promotions in light green.



Albert417, Gord17

Flurrz (Funk), Honkzo6, Wwebestfan

Re19es, Daleboxtel, Aquarunner (Phodg10), Cierra2347 (Prettyswanna), Ajboyrocks,

Johnylumber, Nitro52


Bbonie (Rockzstarr),

Aaronstone42, Cheeze (Pendy pengui), Antman (Wehrly3), Coco Moco97, Marabubamara

Aerwghy, Yeahnodip, Zee (Bappoo),

Tes7, Lemonade5150, Xinfinityx,

Orsat, Firehot6,

Sidie9, Christohper1Kaleagasi/Borakaleas

Pent11, Sensei01044, Kingdra

Reddude5789, Lb126

Rrharrison, Fiona387, Ernest Girl

Hamster 103, Pengy38088, Coolman31774, Lion PJaketj554Penny26393

Mars210, Blue8724, Miky514

Slimy102, Furry454

Liam Mail 06,


If you didn’t receive a promotion, but you think you deserve one, then comment below on why you deserve one or just talk to me on chat.