Results: PBs with Tacos and Arctic Warriors

On Saturday and Sunday, we had practice battles. One was with the GT Tacos and the other with AW. I gotta say that both events were close and both events came to ends as ties. We had around 15 troops for both practice battles. Of course, we could have had more people to come, but we did okay for both events.

Expect even more in the next 2 weeks!



Happy retirement, don’t forget your pension 😀 ~Gordy

As many of you already know, I will be retiring from the Ice Warriors in June. I will be posting my full retirement post when I retire, but I wanted to make a post now so that I wouldn’t catch anyone off guard. But anyways, this is how everything will work out for the next few weeks:

Today – June 3rd: My last 2 weeks in IW.

June 1st/June 2nd: IW 5 Year Anniversary parties.

June 3rd: My Retirement Party:

June 4th – June 24th: Preparation for massive final battle.

June 25th – June 27th: Massive final battle.

June 3rd – September 1st: I’ll be advisor of IW.

September 1st: Last day in IW, although I won’t be on much after June 3rd anyways.

Basically for the schedule, I wanted to have a couple weeks to prepare everyone for my retirement so I didn’t just leave that day I made this post. I also wanted to have a few weeks to prepare for my final battle, filled with training and recruiting sessions, and so that almost everyone is out of school. I’ll be making a new post with more information of what will be happening in June.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234