PB with AW!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The battle is 3:30 PM EST, not 3:00 EST, I made some typos because I was rushing this post.

Again, we have a PB with Artic Warriors. The reason were having another PB with them again is because there the closest army in the top ten that is near us and that is not in the war. I think we can do well and prove that IW can be larger than 6th. Now here is the times…

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Site Jobs

First off, make sure to check the 2 posts below this one.

Now that I only have 1 week left to lead IW, I want to make sure the site will be properly run. Here are the jobs open to everyone in IW that is ranked 4ic or higher.

UPDATED: You can choose more than 1 job.

Creating Events
People Needed (although everyone should create events): 6-8
Current People: Icey, Alb, Magma, AJ, Dale, Wwe, Gad

Updating the Ranks Page (reading join comments)
People Needed: 6-8
Current People: Magma, AJ, Dale, Wwe

Updating the Medals Page
People Needed: 6-8
Current People: Icey, Gord, Aqua, Dale

Obviously everyone will chip in with other pages, but these are the main jobs that we need to focus on. Owners are asked to comment to decide what site job they want.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Training Session Results

Although we had to postpone due to my favorite contest, we finally had our Training Session. Throughout the week we were only able to get around 15-20 at our recruiting sessions, but today we beat those numbers, getting 20+ and at some points 25+. Here are some of the pictures:

I was having some lag issues, so I had to do +/= on CP, which is why the pictures are somewhat digital. Also a few pictures towards the end didnt save properly, so I was only to grab 1 of us starting a tactic, although I do believe a few other people took pictures, which I’ll add to the post later on. Overall we did a great job with the training.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234