Reddude – IW chat mass banning

So, I come on chat late afternoon, in the middle of the defense of Christmas. Want to know why we didnt have very good sizes? Well it seems right before this whole thing happened, one of our recognised mods, Reddude was doing something so inspicable, I cant even beleive my eyes how sinister he was acting. He was banning, abusing, you name it he did it, to all the new recruits Lion had recruited. Lion was afk recruiting (Or at least I hope he was recruiting) So Reddude wasnt demodded. This isnt the first time Reddude has massively abused, for which one time he tried doing that while Alb and Icey were afk, and I was on AR chat. I check up on IW chat every 2-3 minutes, and when I saw him abusing my first instinct was to fire him. A week after i’d of fired him, he came back cursing and spatting on me, only to beg for his rank back. I slowly thought he had changed, but I was wrong. Totally wrong. Some high people of command were also members of IW chat for some reason (Such as Jonnie/Josh, Unknown (DW Leader), and Wheelo UCCP Leader). I will not tolerate this, nor will I tolerate anyone else who had applied in this. Reddude is fired. If reddude gets mod ever again, He will be sinbinned until he can be prooven that he is worthy of being able to ban/kick. What makes me even more angrier is that another mod, Scott, had also helped in the abusing, and pretent that he was hacked. Reddude and Scott are both fired, Thats enough as it is. If you disagree, go ahead and comment your complaints, but i am NOT going to tolerate this what-so-ever. Let me just list what Reddude and Scott did.

1. Made us alot smaller for our defenses against pirates

2. Made all the new troops that Lion had recruited quit

3. Abused everyone, and there IS still people banned

4. Pretent to be hacked

5. Isnt the first time Reddude has done this


This was a horrible event, and anyone who was a victim will earn 5 medals for this inconvienence. This will never happen again, I assure you, and if it does, conciquences will be served HARD.

That is all.

-Aquabluejet IW 2ic