Overthrowing Albert417

You have to go Alb. Your reigns of terror ends now.

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UK Recruiting – April 1st, 2013

Well, this was definitely a sad event. A 5ic was banned for cussing at an owner and we went from 11 to 5 on Club Penguin in about 3 minutes. I’ll let Nitro do the rest of the rant.

Nitro:I’m so upset with our UK force. I told everyone to log on for the event, and you all kept asking about Doodlerace. Then we were on cp, and maxing 11. Most of our UK troops left without saying a word! Some US troops stepped in. Although, most of the US troops said “I’m not UK!” and left. A perfect example is Christopher1. he was complaining about something, and refused to log on. Thank you all the UK that didn’t leave! I also want to thank Sonic, for being the only US(non-owner) to log on. Sonic was given temp mod for the rest of today.

If you UK troops want to keep your ranks, then you better stay for events! Also, to the US troops: Just because you’re not UK, doesn’t mean you can’t come!!! Don’t think you won’t get promotion credit! Coming to a UK event while you’re US, gives you even MORE promotion credit!!!!!! The next time I see something like this, you might be in risk of demotion!

That will be all. -Nitrohammer IW 3ic.

Max: 11

Average: 7




Chris edit: IM SICK NITRO, THATS WHY I DIDNT LOG ON! dont make me look bad in front of albert. Sorry to edit it, but you have pissed me off to the limit.