A Message From Our Leader

I have been chosen to deliver a message for our beloved leader, Albert417.  Albert will most likely not be able to come on for a few days.   It is Albert’s wish that our army stays strong.  He expects us to keep up our current good work.  We will continue to have our scheduled events and Albert and I both expect a good outcome at these events.  It’s up to you soldiers.  Help keep our leader happy and attend the events.

The Hunger Games – Chapter 1

You’ve all been waiting, and here it is…

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US Training Results – April 8th, 2013

This event was a bit of a rollercoaster since we logged on late.  We were on Club Penguin for around 20 minutes for this event.  Aqua and I lead this event and we’re happy to say that most of the chat logged on for most of the event.  We averaged around 15 and maxed about 18. Comment if you attended the event.


European Training Session April 8th 2013

Hallo my fellow ice warriors!Today we had a normal european training session.At first things were not doing so good but then when the time came everyone logged on and our size grew very fast.We managed to max 12 and avarage 10.the event was in 3 rooms-Town,Snow forts and Plaza.We had very good bombs and tactics but again people were not paying attention at some point.Over all i think we did good oday but lets do even better tommorow!
Here are some pictures from the event,enjoy:


Ok so aparently my pictures don’t work becaouse they aren;t the right format and after 30 mins of trying i really can’t upload them.these are the pics that Honk took.Despread Mara needs some help now.-Insert Shame Here-
That is all,Marabubamara IW 4ic.