Training Session 7/25/13 Results

Hey Ice Warriors,

DEEP FREEZE – Today we had a pretty decent training session, in hopes for training and getting acquainted with the troops that we’ve been recruiting in the past few days. Size could have been definitely better, since we only maxed 20+ Ice Warriors on CP, with more on chat. Our performance in tactics overall was very nice, so today wasn’t a total letdown.

So nice job today, and let’s aim for better size soon! Pictures have been posted below.


iwt1 iwt2 iwt3 iwt4 iwt5 iwt6 iwt7 iwt8 iwt9 iwt10

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Army Leader

How to Take a Screenshot

Hey IW,

Today I will be showing some of you how to take a screenshot. I will be showing you two ways that you can take a screenshot. The 1st way will take a bit longer than the 2nd way, but you can use which ever one you like best.

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The Tale of Mara IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!

SIDE CHARACTER PLACES FOR PART 8 ARE TAKEN! There will be more side characters in the future don’t worry. The side characters for the next part and maybe even future parts of The Tale Of Mara  are Kylex, Penny, Micahdesara and Snowskitter. They will play an important role in the next chapter. get excited!

Hallo everyone. Today I like to talk about The Tale Of Mara. Unfortunately it’s not a new chapter but it’s definitely something you should be excited for and something I think you will like. First of I want to thank everyone for the support you’ve given me. It really keeps me going.
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Aus-Asia 07/25/13 Training Session Results

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today the Australian-Asian division had a pretty good event on the server Deep Freeze. We started at the town, moved to the snow forts and ended at the plaza. We averaged 6 and maxed 7 with very good tactics. Raven (Preicous52) Did a very good job in leading this event.

Here are pictures from the event:


Bananas ftw!

Good job Aus-Asia division, keep going this way.

-Lion P, Ice Warriors 4ic.