Christmas Caroling – UK Recruiting

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Medal Reduction

Due to the fact that not many people have been promoted ever since medals were released, we will be reducing the number of medals needed to be promoted for almost every rank. All mod ranks have already been reduced by roughly 25-100 medals depending on the rank. For members, here is the list of which ranks will have their medals reduced for a promotion.

Head Colonel: 80 Medals, down from 100
Colonel: 65 Medals, down from 90
Head Major: 55 Medals, down from 80
Major: 45 Medals, down from 65
Captain: 40 Medals, down from 50
Marshall: 30 Medals, down from 40
Lieutenant: 25 Medals, down from 30

NOTE: The 1 medal reward for every 1 person people recruit into the army is still in effect.

The owners and mods will be keeping a close eye on people who lie about how many medals they have. We are able to keep track of how many medals people have by the number of events we have per week and how many medals we are distributing to everyone. People caught lying about their medals will be demoted.

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~ Iceyfeet1234