Waterkid Is Crying (Waterkid’s Rant)


I would like to thank all of the LT kiss ups who have commented on this post and Badboy, who has told all of us that he is ignoring our invasions. Surely, CPAC wont be ignoring our invasions, as they 100% count. There was no rule stating it was a 1 v 1 war, as most of us declared war on our own minds. Sorry, but we’ll keep invading until you’re serverless, nevertheless if you ignore us, it will just make it easier to kill you guys! So bravo LT, I’m really impressed by the 10 year old fanboys you have, and the immature staff, and I just wish you guys good luck in getting your lifelong struggles in finding acceptance in the real world. Good night, and god bless.

Hey Ice Warriors, if you’ve recently been on LT’s site lately, you’ve probably noticed that they’re at war with ACP, alongside with afew other armies including us. There was also a post with Waterkid crying that 5 armies declared war on us, and trash talking the armies like it was going to change anything. Well, I’m going to reply to that and give you my opinion, which is mainly going to be how stupid Waterkid is, for the most part.


Ok, this army totally fails. First of all, all these ”president” guys were already in armies. 

Yeah, they were in your army, of which were all loyal members who abandoned you. I wonder why?

President Z is Vetsd, President B is Wenny, President X is zy, President N is Cooln2.

Thanks for telling us that, but it really sucks that we dont care.

The UPA is basically the Shadow Troops, which failed so moved to Parkas. The parkas also failed so they moved to the ”UPA”.

As I remember it, the Shadow Troops were a successful army which reached top 5 very often, something that your precious Light Troops has barely ever gotten under your leadership.

Whoever is leaving the Light Troops for UPA are going to end up begging me to allow them back in, because the UPA will die in a month.

I have a feeling after this war, you’ll be begging for them to come back.

I know you guys are mad about the merge thing, but do you guys seriously have to partner with the ACP? I’m pretty shocked at this. A year ago, we were brother allies in the Black Alliance, kicking ACP and the White Alliance’s now. And a year later, after going through a World War together, you decide to help THEM against us? I’m really shocked and dissapointed that Ganger would allow SWAT to do that…

This is just an example of my earlier statement, that Waterkid is crying, so I’ll say it again. Waterkid is crying.

Ice Warriors
Why are you guys butting in?

If you took time out of your schedule (Which im sure consits of playing clubpenguin and recruiting Elmikey style) then you’d find out our reasons of war on the Ice Warriors site. Im sorry that you’re not well-fit enough to actually put an effort into finding out the reasons why we declared war.

I actually believe you guys are cowards. Whenever you guys declare war on us, it’s either with an ally or when we’re in a bad shape. 

Actually, its the other way around. You see, during the Black Alliance war, LT and CPPA was invading us and we had no help defending, yet we still won. Hypocrite? Go figure.

Earlier this year the Ice Warriors declared war on us, however we were in a bad shape and most of us were too addicted to atWar to even log on Club Penguin.

So declaring war when an army is vulnerable isn’t a good reason to declare war? Well, that just makes all wars look stupid.

 And now, when the Ice Warriors finally decide to go to war, they go to war with us – which is fine, EXCEPT THEY’RE GOING TO WAR WITH US WITH 4 OTHER ARMIES. Cowards much?

So you’re accepting that we declared war on you guys, but not that we declared war with 4 armies. And to sum it up, you call us cowards. Im just clarifying, the stupidity in this text is at an extremely high level, and my brain mass really cant take much of it any longer.

I laughed when I saw the…

“Cant think of anything to write about UMA. Hmm. Well, lets just throw down some random bullshit and see how it fits.”

I laughed when I saw the UMA in the alliance to invade us. This army hasn’t had a SINGLE event when they couped Pain. UMA is nothing, and they always were. I was thinking of declaring war on these guys, but I knew the highest they could get was a 10 on Club Penguin, so I chose DCP instead.


So you guys decide to ignore our second week of invasions then come back to invade us? We’ll do the same and ignore your invasions. Mad? I don’t care.

Im sure CPAC cares and the rest of the CP army world care, since invasions are invalid with proper notice. And you will care too when all of your servers are gone. Ironic how things dont work for pricks like you, right?


“Damn, I cant think of anything to say about ACP. Oh I know, I’ll just say they suck.”

You guys suck. 

“Thats better.”

You finally declare war on us, good job! However you decide to bring in 5 other allies with you against ONE army!

Let me just clarify for you, Waterkid. All of those armies decided to declare war on LT, because we all hate you, and its obvious that they’d all been waiting for the right moment to gang up and kill LT to get rid of you. A person with a brain could see that, so I’m not surprised you didn’t. ACP didn’t ask for help, we did it all among our own free wills.

Damn, I didn’t know the Light Troops really scared you that much ACP

They don’t. In fact, I find Light Troops to be very comedic at this given moment.

You guys can be ashamed of yourselves.

We can, but we wont, because we don’t care. GASPS! Light Troops Hall of Shame!?!?
This is the only reason your owners stay with you Waterkid. They dont want to be known on Hall of Shame as being shameful to the Light Troops name (More or less, the Waterkid name)

leaving the Light Troops to join the UPA? A new army that considers 10 on chat good? When what, Light Troops have been having 20+ on chat all week? ”Light Troops are dying” then why are we getting 20+ at every event?

Considering 20+ is good, which it isn’t, I don’t think you guys are doing the standard for a ‘flourishing army’ like you always tell your troops. In fact, most people would consider it dying.

You guys will be begging me to let you back in the Light Troops once this war is over.

Totally. Cant wait to go and beg Waterkid for me to join back into Light Troops. Been there done that. And by the by, once the war is over, Light Troops will be dead. And you know where you’ll be in all that mess. Well i’m assuming you’ll be as stubborn as ever, and begin acting as if the war never happened and were all lying about Light Troops being dead. But whatever, live the fantasy you want to live Waterkid, since it doesn’t last forever.

You really think I’m going to shut down the Light Troops because 5 weak armies decide to gang up on us? This year, the Nachos, Water Vikings and RPF (I think) declared war on the Dark Warriors. Did DW simply shut down? No. They fought on and in the end they won the war.

Yeah, but the Dark Warriors could actually take them on. Light Troops? Not so much.

I’m not going to back down, even if it’s the whole army world against the Light Troops, because I am LOYAL. I’m just dissapointed that the only ones who actually betrayed the Light Troops were the owners (Zoroark, Cooln, Sean)

Kudos to you three, Zoroark, Cooln, and Sean. My best regards towards you guys for betraying Waterkid. You three, have my respect.

I will not let this war end the Light Troops. I do not CARE whose invading us, in the end the Light Troops will remain alive. I kept the Pirates alive for 2 years straight, and I’ll do the same for the Light Troops

Doubt it.

Well Ice Warriors, I hope you enjoyed my little post on how stupid Watercrying can be, and I hope to get your opinion and mostly the Grade A pain in the ass himself’s opinion as a comment or maybe even a post! Thanks for reading, and have a nice Christmas.


It’s official, It’s Christmas! Now, the real point, here’s some “gifts” from “Santa”!

The GIFT of WAR- Yay, war, yes, a purpose to log on!

The GIFT of WINTER- Winter is our time to rise! Don’t let this opportunity fly by like a blizzard!

The GIFT of ALLIES- With allies, we can hope to win this war.

The GIFT of CONFIDENCE- WE are FINALLY ready to start WAR!

The GIFT of ANNOYING WATERKID- Let’s face it, Waterkid is pissed off about the war.  This is only hilarious.

The GIFT of RANDOM POSTS- Yay for pointless post to read!

The GIFT of RECAPS- Here is a brief recap from my perspective. Feel free to edit this post [If you can] to make the recap accurate.






July- Ice Warriors shocked ME with the sizes of barely only 10.

August- We began to spike sizes of only 20. We can only hope to rise.

September- School cripples our forces to barely 10.

October- We began to rebuild back to 20

November- We were regularly achieving 10-25, sometimes maxing 30-50

December- Winter arrives, and we show signs of power. We regularly reach 20-40, maybe 50-60.

-Enjoy the rest of 2013!

Declaration Of War On the Light Troops of Cp

**AUSIA EVENTS ARE STILL ON** Yes, the time has come and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The Ice Warriors Empire officially declare war on the Light Troops of Cp. Why you may ask?

  • They are a general annoyance to armies, starting with their leader Waterkid and it trickles throughout the ranks
  • They are our long time enemies, we started isolationism after a war on them, why not come out with a war on them AND end them once and for all.
  • They have tried to kill several of our allies, including ACP and Nachos, two armies that are rich in history, much more so than LT
  • They raid events for no good reason, a prime example was our PB with ACP today, IW and ACP are taking the initive to end this for the benefit of the whole community.

To the troops of IW: This is our time to shine guys, we have been preparing for weeks, some could say ever since I took the leadership position. Our time is now, our time is forever. We will not be embarassed by the Light Troops and we will prevail victorious with a surrender from LT.

To the members of LT: I am sorry that your leadership has brought this upon you guys. Some of you might not even know what is going on or why we are doing this. We are doing this for you and the rest of the community. If you feel like escaping from the small, dead LT chat (concentration camp), then come on by IW chat and I will be sure that you enjoy your time as a free, loyal Ice Warrior. Sweet deal, right? :mrgreen:

Here is the invasions for this next week or so, be sure to come to as many as you can. More will be added as planned with ACP.









8:30 PM GMT