What bothers me the most.

Ok i’m going to start out with the title. What Bothers Me The Most. D:< Okay everyday when i come on chat, there is always a problem and its always THE SAME PEOPLE. I keep getting complaints that the mods and owners are abusing from the people who get in trouble. First off, cussing. It counts when you say sub cuss. It still sounds like the cuss word. And when an owner bans that person for saying a sub cuss they're always like "durr well it wasn't the real word durr". No Cussing and No Sub Cussing. If you want to cuss, go to a chat that actually allows it. I know you guys like to talk freely but know that we have younger players that shouldn't know these types of words. I also hate when people are like "pretty please will make me a moderator" These ranks are earned. Everyone in IW has earned their ranks. Then When i warn them, then kick them, and then ban them for asking, some people are like "abuse!!!" I tell them to read the rules and they're like "there are no rules durr". Third, people who are disrespectful. Everyone has to be nice to everyone else no matter how much you don't like someone in IW. A couple days ago, someone (not gunna say names) threantened another player. I don't care if you are joking, playing, ot whatever. No Cyber Bullying whatsoever. This stuff bothers me so much. Ice Warriors is supposed to be a fun army.
For those who don't know, this is an army for a KIDS' GAME. We do have young players here.

Invasion Of Slushy [Results]

Hi Ice Warriors,


IW 1- GT 6

NOTE: The pictures were taken off Golden Troops site 🙂

We went on Klondike, as Slushy was 5 bar, to invade Slushy off Golden Troops. We sadly loss the battle but maxed 24 and averaged 21. A key point to improve from this battle is tactics and how we should not go AFK during important events.

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The retirement of Lootking

Greetings Ice Warriors,

I need to retire. I haven’t been able to be active lately. I need to concentrate on my future. I’m Sorry. Good Luck.

I’ll miss all of you.

I’m never returning.

Give my spot to Kyle.


CP Music Jam Cheats – July 2014

Hey Ice Warriors,

The time has come and the party is here right now! Club Penguin has just unleashed a brand new, redesigned and rethought classic party — the Music Jam. Below are the cheats and full guide to this party. Click read more for cheats, overview, cp mascot trackers, party review, rooms, sounds studio, and daily tasks.

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