The War With The Golds Has Come To An End

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today I announce that the war with the Golds has finally come to an end after a bit over a week of intense back to back combat. We came to an agreement that this war should not continue because we feel that we should go back to what we do on a regular basis. We just want to get the Golds to understand that they should not mess with the Ice Warriors and they agreed to stop anything related to troop stealing. All servers were returned to the opposing army. Great job Ice Warriors.

Screenshot at Feb 02 19-02-53

Albcoolio – Ice Warriors Leader


Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we successfully defended Summit from the Golds and this was also our final battle of the war. The Golds maxed around 8-9 but no match for our size. We maxed 21+ and averaged 20+ on Club Penguin! Good job Ice Warriors!

Fear the Ice

Screenshot at Feb 02 17-43-48

Screenshot at Feb 02 17-43-09

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Changes In The Army

Greetings Ice Warriors,

The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin are welcoming 4 new leaders and a second in command! These new Ice Warriors Leaders are the following: Andrew24, Spyguy22, Final Chaser and Jester! Finally, our new second in command is: Hulk! Andrew24 has formerly been in the Ice Warriors years ago achieving an owner role AND “partly leader.” Spyguy22 has also been in the Ice Warriors in 2009 and worked really hard and is rejoining today along with the rest of the new members I’ve announced at the beginning of this post. Final Chaser has also lead the Pirates and lead them to to great sizes. Jester is a former Doritos leader and is a DCP Legend. He also lead the Light Troops and is an amazing recruiter! Last but not least, Hulk! Hulk has lead several armies and had success in each of them and will help the Ice Warriors to success. These new members of the army has worked extremely hard in other armies in the community for the past year or so and bringing those army to incredible heights. We believe that having Andrew24, Spyguy22, Final Chaser, Jester and Hulk will really help improve the army. We have been ranked as 3rd in the CPAC Top Ten several times in the past two months but not first in years and we plan to finally achieve 1st in the Top Ten.

Please welcome the following Ice Warriors to the army:



Final Chaser



Ɯιηтєя ιѕ Ƈσмιηg

Albcoolio – Ice Warriors Leader

Iceyfeet1234 – Ice Warriors Creator