Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we battled ACP for the second time but on their server, Breeze and once again, they surrendered which makes us victorious. We decided to train instead and we performed remarkably well. We maxed 35 and averaged 30 throughout this battle. Good job Ice Warriors.

 Screenshot at Feb 19 20-04-37

Screenshot at Feb 19 20-08-44

Screenshot at Feb 19 20-12-55

Screenshot at Feb 19 20-14-57

Screenshot at Feb 19 20-37-09


Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we logged on to our capital server, Sub Zero to face the Army of Club Penguin but they then forfeited so we decided to train instead. Our results were decent and we will continue to work hard like we always have. Today we maxed 30 troops on Club Penguin and averaged 27. Good job Ice Warriors.

Screenshot at Feb 19 14-46-10

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