Happy Easter, Ice Warriors!!!

Hey Ice Warriors,

 Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones and celebrate this joyful time.

We will be having no events today, on this day of Easter. I hope you will have a wonderful Easter for your family and friends of Easter Hunt!

Let’s play a game. During this day of Easter, we will be playing the Easter Hunt.Find 8 Easter Eggs from scrolling down my posts, for a chance to win the Easter power!

You have found one Snow Easter Egg on this post!!! Now find 7 more. Here’s the hint: 5 Easter Eggs on the post which was this month, and scroll down. Click read more, and you will find the single Easter Eggs! Find 2 more Easter Eggs which was my first time in Ice Warriors posting the events, only 2 Easter Eggs on the last one and to the 2nd.

If you find them all, tell me the title + where it comes from + your name and you will get a chance to get a free EASTER POWER!


Bye for now,

~Kyle103 Third In Command

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m Sammie and I’m doing the easter hunt

    There is a egg on this post
    There is a egg on the Earth month post
    There is a egg on the defense of Sub Zero post
    There is a egg on “A day in Club Penguin history – April 4th”
    There is a egg on “Invasion of Sleet”
    There is a egg on “Club Penguin has not decided about that party yet”
    Last one is here: http://icewarriorscp.com/2014/06/19/uk-pb-vs-acp-results/


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