[US] Training Session-Results

Hey Ice Warriors, Today We Logged On  Husky And It was A Battle Vs The dark warriors but they cancelled it so we trained and We Maxed 35+ and averaged 32 and i hope We do good next time

Tactic = Jokes in line

Tactic= E+P

Tactic = Hello In Line

Tactic = E+P 

Tactic = E+8 On the left side and E+9 on the right Side

~Ben Ice Warriors 3rd In command

IW Veterans Chat

For most of you that already know, the IW Veterans chat opened up today following our UK training session. The purpose of the Veterans chat is to keep IW chat focused on CP to help keep people focused on IW and CP during events. IW chat will become a lot more stricter, and instead of banning all Veterans and Retirees (if they break the rules), I created a separate chat for them with relaxed rules. The IW retirees and veterans can comment on this post to pick who should be owners/moderators on the chat.

To IW vets/retirees: This chat is supposed to be a fun hangout chat for you guys, which is why I’m allowing you to pick the moderators and owners.

If a fight breaks out on the IW veterans chat and somehow makes it way to the main IW chat, then the punishments will be severe, including 3-5 day bans, de-modding/de-ownering the people involved, etc.

All vets/retirees please comment with your opinions on how the IW veterans chat should be moderated.

And last but not least, here is the link: http://xat.com/iwveterans

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

UK Training session and Parade video!

Great job today Ice Warriors, here is the training session video and the Ice Warriors parade:

UK Training Session – Results!!!

Hey-o Ice Warriors!

Today, we logged onto the server Husky to train our awesome UK troops. We had great sizes and awesome tactics. We maxed 45 troops and averaged about 40 troops. Towards the end of the event, we took a tour of the party that was practically made for us! Hope you guys had fun! Everyone who came did great today! Pictures  and the video are posted below, and don’t forget to comment if you came! Continue reading

Introducing Myself

Hello Ice Warriors,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am DrMatt/Billie3000. Most of you guys know me from leading LT/BMA. Today I have decided to join the Ice Warriors as the rank of 3ic. I am extremely excited to be working with all the other owners and moderators. I feel like this is a fresh start for myself and I also feel like this will be an amazing experience. I want to help make the army grow bigger than it already is and I also want to make sure every troop in the army is happy and I also want to make sure that they are having fun. Like I said before this is going to be awesome! Ps. Feel free to pc me on chat if you want to get to know me :D. – DrMatt