Message from S Cargo:

I won’t be able to attend events because of recent issues with my laptop, I hope to be back on in a few days – weeks

[USA] Invasion of Ice Palace Results – Victory

Hello, Ice warriors today we logged on to Ice Palace to Face the water vikings. This was the 1st invasion of the war and we successfully invaded Ice Palace. We maxed 35 and averaged 30

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[US/UK] War training 7/15/15

Hello Ice warriors, today we had a training event on our capital Husky to prepare for our upcoming war against WV. We did excellent maxing 45+ and averaging 40+

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Lets See The Difference.

You see, Ice Warriors are at their peak, again. Why is this? Funks got the vets to leave with him, this helps IW. Not you. WV, you may get 30 on chat, but that’s like 15 on CP. The other 15 are VETS.

You’re gonna attempt to cut us, but why should we be afraid of a puddle, not even that, a drop of water.

Ice Warriors max 50, you get like 15 LOL.

Prepare for the war that will end your existence, if you even decide to show up and not be cowards.

A portion of us

all of YOU.