US Invasion of Caribou results – 9/6/15

Hey! Haven’t posted results in a while now. How’s it going? Today we logged on for an invasion of Caribou! We maxed 25 and avg’d 23. We have done so great this week and we understand it’s a school night for a few, explaining our sizes. Hopefully we recover and get back to normal. 



Great work troops! I hope we do better next time!

Apollo – Ice Warriors Second in Command

Invasion of Skates [RESULTS]

Today we logged onto klondike (since Skates was 5 bar) and were able to max 30. Tactics and size were both great. Good job IW!



For a Former Brother Ally

This post is basically a memorial for Dark Warriors.

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Declaration of War

If anyone is planning on invading these soon to be open servers from the former DW nation:


Then expect immediate invasions from IW.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234