Lol @ Kingfunks4

That moment when Funks needs multilogs like Fever20 to ensure success, but that’s none of my business.

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Just want to address something real quick

Let me make something very clear, Ghost and everyone else in my “crew” (Final, Spy, Flame) have never been carried by me or anyone else for that matter. IW isn’t doing well not because our current leadership sucks, but because no one simply cares anymore. I don’t think anyone in this army actually truly cares anymore. I’ve been on the chat for the past few days, and no one and i mean no one has even attempted to announce an event or even welcome a recruit. It is PATHETIC. There is no reason to not do both of those things. It is so easy to welcome a recruit and to announce an event we have that day or even in a few days.

This army has tons of potential but none of you are trying hard enough to be at the top of this community. So the point is, don’t just sit around and expect the leaders to carry this army around.. as a troop of this army you’re also responsible for the the state of it.

Kings Never Die

That’s that it for now,

-Andrew24 Your Biological father