Jester The Nobody

I’m so glad you achieved CPAC Legend this year Jester!

After all of the hard work you did in LT and DCP, it finally paid off. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, it must feel amazing! Honestly I shouldn’t even be able to speak your mighty name.. you’re just such a LEGEND in this community. I’m so happy I got to lead with you in LT.. I honestly learned so much from you. I mean you were the one who taught me how to recruit.. how to get my name out there you know? I have no idea where I’d be if it wasn’t for you carrying me in LT. I’m thinking of the times when we were in LT and how you led every single event while I was there, led us to the finals in the Christmas Chaos Tournament. It really sucks that you were ddosed for both of those battles and that Elmikey and I had to take over while you were offline. Well at least you demolished Nachos and many other armies in that tournament with your excellent leadership skills. I’m glad you recorded it all for everyone else to see!

Wait.. wait a second, wasn’t that me? Now that I remember correctly it was actually ME that carried LT in December into the finals of that tournament! How could I forget, you and Elmikey were basically useless! So useless that when I got hit offline by the DW leadership in the finals both you and Elmikey couldn’t even keep that battle close! Such a shame.

Now that I think of it.. I don’t even think you led a single battle while I was there :mrgreen: and you call yourself a leader.. hell even a legend? Pathetic.

Then not long after you started talking trash while you were in DCP and I was in IW, and we all know how that ended lol..

Don’t remember? Let me remind you.

Completely destroyed you in war, easily won march madness against DCP, and to top it all off you and many others were multilogging in DCP! Now thats a true shame.

Maybe you should stop talking trash to others when you’re not even near their level! I get it.. you’re trying to get yourself more known and more out there by calling out both Icey and myself. But honestly man you don’t even have to do that 😦

All you had to do was ask for a shout-out and you would have gotten it! Oh well.

Oops! We all make mistakes.

I guess I’ll be seeing you soon!

-Signing off

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

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    I also want to say All the Best , In whatever happen in your life


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