[UK] Raid Results

UK Events

Hello IW,

Today our UK division logged on to Iceland to battle one of the strongest CP armies currently. We had a very good chat size, and although our overall size on CP could have been better, I was still pleased with our performance. Tactics and formations were spot on and couldn’t have gotten much better. In the end we came out victorious as the Nachos logged off in full retreat. Good job to our UK division!

Max: 18

Average: 16

Good job Warriors!

Signing off,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

Unfinished Business

We have unfinished business.

From now on, I and the rest of the leadership will try our best to ensure the success of this army in the last months of Club Penguin Warfare. I don’t feel like any of us have truly been trying as hard as we can. This goes out to everyone; the leaders, owners, moderators and even members. There is much to be conquered.

The rise starts now!

Signing off,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors