Get to know me – Creators secrets

Hello Warriors! Time to start interviews from series GET TO KNOW ME! Introducing Iceyfeet1234 – creator and foundator of Ice Warriors of CP. Let’s see what secrets and thoughts our king of the burnt bagel is hiding!

Shinde: Hello Icey!

Iceyfeet1234: lol hi

Shinde: On 1st June 2007 you created Ice Warriors. What was your reason or insipiration to do it and why did you call it Ice Warriors?

Icey: When I first started Club Penguin I noticed armies fighting in the dojo on Mammoth and I wanted to be a part of it, but I also wanted to be in charge of my own army. My favorite color is blue, so I had to think of a name that is related to the color blue. One of my old friends helped me with brainstorm of ideas and eventually we came to the conclusion of Ice Warriors; something unique and different from the armies back then. We were the first „warrior” army.

Little Icey plays Club Penguin, 2007 colorized

Shinde: Interesting. How about your nickname? Some of our readers want to know why only your feet are cold.

Icey: So I was thinking of a penguin name. Way back when I first started club penguin and the happy feet came out the year before so I thought I would mix it up and use iceyfeet instead. However back then I didn’t realize the word icy was spelled without the „e”. But I’m still glad I spelled it as „icey”, since it’s unique.

Shinde: It seems that you really love penguins and Club Penguin. Do you have your favourite mini-game on it?

Icey: Hmm… I would say it’s a tie between Cart Surfer and Sled Racing.

Shinde: Okay. Let’s change the topic a little. How about your real life? I heard you’ve studied computer engineering. How do you remember that time? Do you have any plans for the future regarding it?

Icey: I think what inspired me was just playing on the computer so much, I wanted to learn more about computers. And for the future I want to keep learning about computers, even more about how they operate, the security behind them, etc.

Shinde:  WOW. You impressed me.You are really smart man. Do you have kids?

Icey: Thank you! And haha nope.

Shinde: Lovely. Ok. Last question – if there was a movie made about your life, and you were the director, who would you hire to play you?

Icey: Hmm like a real life actor?

Shinde: Yes! Or a person that you know. It is your choice, you are the director.
Icey: Hmmmm… To be honest I don’t even know! Tricky question!

Shinde: Ok, thank you so much Icey! Any final comments that you would like to share with our readers?

Icey: No problem! Hmmmm I guess just… lol hi!

As you could see Iceyfeet1234 is a dang cool, smart and creative guy! Thanks to him we could know each other and spend time together. Let’s hope that all his dreams about future come true and he won’t be stuck at the bar.

Who will share secrets with us next? You decide! Check our discord server and vote for another person! Also leave comment below if you read it and share with us your thoughts!

Ice Warriors Leader

6 Responses

  1. lol hi


  2. Icey was always smart


  3. Icey was always smart


  4. I wish icey sees this comment,lol hi!


  5. lol hi is always iconic

    -mordie (2012-2013, 2020-present veteran)


  6. Omg Iceyfeet being Iceyfeet per usual. Lol hi lol hi. Also I loved finding out about the origin behind his name, silly Icey! That drawing of Icey playing CP is hilarious. It is always nice hearing the secrets of the person who created this whole thing! Love the work Shinde! 😀


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