GET TO KNOW ME! Interview with Madhav 2 – Ice Warriors leader

Hello Ice Warriors!

As you wished today you will get to know a little more about one of our leaders – Madhav 2. What plans does our hockey fan have for the future? Is he single? Find answers in the interview!

Shinde: Hi Madhav! Ready to answer some questions?

Madhav: Yeah

Shinde: When did you start playing Club Penguin? And how did your CP army history start?

Madhav: I started playing club penguin around 10 years ago, in 2010. I was still a pretty young kid so I truly enjoyed the game back then. In November 2012, I was on a mascot tracking xat chat called Riffy, looking for Rockhopper, and I got a message from a man named Iceyfeet1234, asking me to join something called the Ice Warriors. Of course, I said yes and after checking out the chat, I was too scared to talk. Later that same day on Riffy, I got another message from a man named SaW, asking me to join the Dark Warriors. This time, I also said yes and I even went as far as to trick another leader at the time (xiunknown), telling him I was experienced and he should give me moderator (staff) to which he agreed, jumpstarting my interest in armies

Shinde: I see. How about your nickname? Does it mean something?

Madhav: Yeah it’s my name lol. I wasn’t very creative as a kid

Shinde: Oops. Exposed. Well we all know that you are from Canada but also you mentioned something about your Indian roots. Are you close with that culture or not really?

Madhav: Well, as a kid I was pretty close with that culture but growing up, I’ve developed my own beliefs and sorta strayed away from it so not really anymore, however, the culture is still apparent in my household.

Shinde: Understandable. Also from a good sources we know that you are a really good student who works hard for grades. Have you got any plans for your future yet?

Madhav: Yeah I’m approaching my senior year in high school this upcoming year and I’m pretty interested in subjects such as math and physics. I would like to follow the footsteps of IW creator, Iceyfeet1234, and become an engineer just like him, even though I haven’t narrowed it down too much yet. The aspect of problem solving and using math in real world situations to solve real problems just intrigues me.

Shinde: I hope your all your plans will come true. Good luck! Ok Madhav, let’s change topic a little. Our readers (not only the famale ones) would like to know, how is your love life?

Madhav: LOL ermmmmmmmmmmmmm. If you know, you know. Let’s just say I like hockey fans…

Shinde: So can you confirm that you are a simp?

Madhav: I cannot confirm this at this time.

We all know that Madhav is a simp

Shinde: Mhm, suuureee. Can we start waiting for the club penguin wedding? You know how we  love parties.

Love is in the air

Madhav: Yeah, I’ll definitely let IW know when the CP wedding happens and you’ll all be invited. I hope you’re excited Shinde 😀

Shinde: Very! I will start looking for a perfect wedding gift! Ok Madhav. Last question. If you were a sandwich, with what additives and what would it be called. And why?

Madhav: Hmmm great question. It would have to be a very HUNKY CHUNKY sandwhich but not as Hunky Chunky as our fellow leader Ben because he is the Hunkiest of the Hunky Chunks  but when I say Hunky & Chunky, I’d say that it should look like a sub and include a lot of meat like chicken beef and turkey. It should have a bunch of lettuce and olives, I don’t mind red onions there too. I’d enjoy sweet onion sauce along with some mayo ofc. But in terms of name, it’d have to be called the ‘Nucks special, honouring my favorite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. (Shout out my fathers Quinn Hughes, Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser) #canucks4lordstanley2020 #canucks>all

Shinde: Tasty! Any final comments that you would like to share with our readers?

Madhav: Yeah, if you’re reading this you should check out the #event-information channel at the top left of our discord and react if you are able to attend.

Leader always will be the leader! You’ve heard him guys! Buy dresses, suits and presents for the huge ice wedding, order the new sandwitch at Icey’s McDonald and make sure to attend tomorrows event!

2 Responses

  1. We all know that Madhav is a simp


  2. Omg Madhav’s interview was very interesting. I finally know the reason behind the username, lol. His hobbies are really nice and unique and his goals in life make me want to root for him and wish him the best of luck! We miss you already Madhav! Also that story about how he was recruited from Riffy888’s Xat is somewhat similar to mine so it was curious to hear. Love the work, Shinde!


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