Get to know me – Irishman decisions

Hello Ice Warriors!

After a little break associated with the club penguins’ politics we are back with series GET TO KNOW ME! Our today’s guest is the true Irish Princess, O’Regan619, Big O, Regan the Ice Warriors Leader. What plans does he have for the future? What important decision did he make last time? What is the mythical tayto sandwitch? Find answers in the interview!

Shinde: Hi Regan

Regan: Hello Shinde

Shinde: Is jealousy turning saints into the sea?

Regan: Yes.

Shinde: Ok. I had to confirm that I speak with you. When did you join club penguin armies and how did you come up with your nickname?

Regan: Is this the interview now?

Shinde: Yes?

Regan: Oh lol. I joined club penguin armies in march 2010, My nickname was Oregan619 which was my CP username. I now go by Regan because I used to always be confused with Oregon :xd: and no I am not a ducks fan.

Do not make more mistakes, guys!

Shinde: Duck go spin. What’s your favourite memory with the Ice Warriors?

Regan: Ohh I have alot. I still remember winning the Legends cup in 2014 as 2ic, which is probably my standout moment in og armies. Most of my good memories come from this generation doe. Me, 11 and Madhav managing to turn the entire server into bikini bottom was amazing, the one night I was just chilling in VC and all of a sudden the chat is muted, and boom, I’m a leader after years. Leading IW in the Legends Cup vs RPF, Even doe it was a loss I wont forget how myself, Madhav, and Agent 11 prepared our tactics, planned out our formations for each room. We lost that battle sure, but it still stands out. We won’t mention that final one minute doe will we ;). I don’t think I could choose a favourite memory because there’s just too many to chose from. Infact when I came back to the Ice Warriors last March, I made a folder called IW Memories that I’ve been growing ever since, from funny screenshots to amazing sizes, including my first battle as leader, my first 100+, and just random stuff that makes me giggle.

The legendary folder of screenshots. Time to run guys, one day he will expose all of us.

Shinde: Aww, so cute! Ok. Let’s focus for a bit on your real life. Many of our readers would like to see you as a TV or radio journalist/ presenter  because of your amazing accent and charm. Have you ever considered a job like that?

Regan: Funny you mention that, I am currently studying to be a paramedic where I hope to transfer that to becoming a full time firefighter in the future. But I’m currently doing that on a voluntary basis so it takes time for me to become fully qualified. So to pass the time I actually enrolled myself in a radio broadcasting course. I guess you all gave me the confidence to do such a thing and push myself forward. This goes from speaking to a VC of over 140 people with just you (Shinde) to keep my company, or even being a reporter for CPAL letting me express my funny side with reports such as furrid-19.

Shinde: Nice! I’m so glad that we could help you a bit! Speaking of armies. For the past few months we followed your relationship with Da Best aka lil Rocky. We are really curious – can you say something more about it? Are you close friends?

It started out with a… wish 😉
How did it end up like this?

Regan: Well Da Best is an interesting individual… Creator of the Ice Doritos of CP and current leader of our colony, the Janitors, Da Best has been a remarkable young fella in recent times. But alas we’ve had our differences, maybe the fact he’s British, idk…. But as the famous Else would say “The past is in the past”.
Well I guess this is the perfect time to announce this, Myself and Mare have been talking recently and we both decided it was time to adopt another child. I would like to welcome Da Best into our family and we will do whatever we will do to make sure Da Best feels welcome.

Shinde: OOO! Congrats Mare and Regan! I hope you will raise and feed him well! Also you are known in our community as a person with the really unique taste. Does every Irish eat like that? Will you allow your new son eat tayto sandwitches?

Regan: It’s a fact of life, If you’ve never had or if you don’t like Tayto sandwiches, You’re not Irish. Our ancestors slaved and worked the land we currently live on for centuries with only the thought of a Tayto sandwich keeping them going. During the great potato famine caused by the English in 1845, Our population was cut in half due to the lack of Tayto sandwiches given to the Irish. The Irish at the time either went to the United States to get away from the English rule, but had to live with no Tayto sandwiches, or they couldn’t live without one and passed onto the land of infinity Tayto sandwiches. For an Irishman or Irishwoman to then deny a Tayto sandwich, or to not like one at all, Is disrespectful to everything this country is built on and to those who built it. Tom Clarke, James Connolly, Joseph Plunkett, Michael Collins, They wouldn’t be caught dead without a Tayto Sandwich in hand. Conor Mcgregor had a Tayto sandwich shipped to Las Vegas on that night in December 2015, What happened then? 13 seconds to knock José Aldo out cold. Mcgregor didn’t have a Tayto Sandwich against Khabib and look what happened then. Same goes for Michael Conlan, There were no Tayto Sandwiches in Rio in 2016 where he took on Nikitin, While Conlan out boxed him, Conlan was screwed over. Fast forward to December 2019, Same matchup, Conlan vs Nikitin, The Belfast man had a Tayto sandwich before the fight and Conlan had redemption for 2016. This is the power a Tayto sandwich has over the Irish. This is why I eat Tayto sandwiches.

Tayto sandwitch is a life

Shinde: I see. How about your special orange-milk smoothie? Can you give us the recipe? Should any Oranges be afraid of it?

Regan: I present to you, The Cheeky Monkey Milkshake!

Ben is afraid of fine dining.  no matter what he says always remember,
Ape > Monkey.

Shinde: I assume smoothies like that give you much energy that is needed for the sport that you do. Speaking of which. If you were a sport team, which sport team and why?

Regan: Hmmm, I’d have to say Celtic, Just because of… Similar interests 😉

Shinde: Who do you bet that will win this year UEFA Champions league and why?

Regan: I’d like for Lyon to win just because of their underdog status, But If I had to bet it would be Bayern Munich, Lewandowski is on Fire!

Robert Lewandowski approves Regan’s answer

Shinde: I knew that you have a special place for Lewandowski in your heart! Thank you Regan. Any final comments?

Regan: So when is regan singing baby shark and shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark with madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark and jaylen filming madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark with astro watching jaylen filming madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark with moose standing there playing with their fidget spinner watching astro watching jaylen filming madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark and eliza sorting the music whilst watching moose standing there playing with their fidget spinner astro watching jaylen filming madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark with agent 11 observing this for health and safety reasons whilst watching eliza sorting the music whilst watching astro watching jaylen filming madhav drawing shinde dancing to regan singing baby shark

You’ve heard him guys! Regan made important decision in his real and his penguin life! Maybe finally Da Best will hear Regan sings Baby Shark to him for a good night. Let’s all wish both of them – good luck!
Note: Do not try those recipes at home. Ice Warriors do not take any responsibility for health problems.

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  1. That was a really funny and lovely interview. I really giggled through most of it and found many of these Irish decisions to be quiet interesting and fun to learn about. What caught my eye mostly was Regan’s IW memories folder as I have something similar only it is named CP memories for original CP and Twitter community memories. Also is that juice recipe really something Regan drinks? Is it good? Wow. Excellent work as always Shinde!! Looking forward to the next one. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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