Get To Know IW: Trusted Staff, Chris

Hey Ice Warriors! This week we get to know one of Ice Warriors Trusted Staff members, and our oil king, Chris! Is Chicken bae, what Marvel character Chris would be, and much more!

Kally: Hello Chris! Ready for your once-in-a-lifetime interview?

Chris: Hi!! yes! I am so ready I’m so excited

Kally: On a scale from 1 to oil… How excited are you?

Chris: OIL!

Kally: OIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL Let’s get right to it! Who are you, how’d you end up in the Ice Warriors?

Chris: Haha I’m Chris! I’ve been in armies for a long time, and I ended up joining Ice Warriors back July 15th of this year (2020) cuz my friends’ lemonade and orange were here :slight_smile:

Kally: Is your favourite food fruit by any chance?

Chris: Lollll nah, but I LOVE chicken parm and vodka rigatoni. I always have it every year on my birthday!

Chicken Parm with Vodka Sauce, coming soon to a battle near you!

Kally: Omg that sounds delicious :YummyYummy: Besides CPA, what’s your favourite hobby? Wrecking Alex’s garden on Animal Crossing? :sinister:

Chris: While wrecking Alex’s garden in animal crossing is always super fun, I actually LOVE to act. I’m really big into theatre plays and movies. I’ve been at it since I was 12 years old and it’s helped shape who I am today.

Kally: Cool! What are your favourites?

Chris: Well for plays I’m really into Newsies, Inherit The Wind, Of Mice and Men, and Spongebob. For movies, I’m a HUGE Star Wars and Marvel fan!

Kally: If you could be any Marvel character, which one would it be and why?

Chris: I would love to be Thor! I’ve always thought he was the coolest Avenger, and I love his powers and design. Also, the stuff he does in the movies is super cool.

Chris in his 2013 movie, Thor – The Dark World

Fusion: It has also come to our attention that you have a strong vendetta against the Animal Crossing villager known as Hamlet. Care do elaborate?

Chris: Oh of course! I hate hamlet so much he’s really ugly and like it took me 6+ months to kick him out of my island. Him taking so long to leave is what made me really dislike him. :hamletsucks:

Kally: Chris, Let’s get down to serious business. How many sips of water do you drink per day?

Chris: 4 SIPS!

Kally:E5: you heard it here first!

Fusion: Why is chicken bae?

Chris: Simple answer: chicken is bae ;-; that is all LOL

Fusion: Chris if you had to pick one word in the English language to use for the rest of your natural life, what would you pick?

Chris: Oil

Kally: For the rest of the interview, will you answer with only Oil?

Chris: Oil


Kally: Damn, dedicated. Ok. Is there anything people should know about you that they don’t already know?

Chris: I love elephants they’re my favorite animal!

Fusion: So Chris:waiting~2:In your opinion, who is the biggest simp in armies and why?

Chris: In my opinion, orange is by far the biggest simp in armies no cap. There’s no explanation needed :raised_hands_tone1:

Kally: In your opinion, who do you think is the most simped for in armies? :waiting:

Chris: Iceyfeet1234:raised_hands_tone1: 

Kally: Let’s say you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Why? Here are your options: Icey’s Breakfast, Agent 11’s bowl of nails, Shinde’s Ice Burger, Regan’s Smoothie, Kally’s Brunch, Panini’s Cereal, or Quinn’s Sugar Bread.

Chris: Icey’s breakfast not gonna lie sometimes burnt bagels hit different. And I mean it.

Kally: :huh~2:

Fusion: :cppuke:

Kally: Chris… do you have anything else to add to this mess of an interview?

Chris: LOL just wanted to say thank you so much for the interview and I’m so glad I’m part of such a fantastic team of people love y’all so much.

What are your thoughts on our interview? Comment below and let us know who we should interview next!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff


Ice Warriors Leader In Training


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

6 Responses

  1. What a clown!!!!

    Great post though!


  2. oil


  3. Oil.
    Chris is a Clown.
    This was hilarious! LMAO🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  4. wow he’s busy clowning around on this interview 🙂



  5. lolol i also love elephants oil


  6. Oil, What a clown.
    Great post btw LOL


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