Meme Monday: Novelty Memes 👀

Howdy Ice Warriors! Today we go on a trip into the past…. because today we will be revisiting Novelty Memes!! So buckle up your seat belts cause you’re in for a ride!

Starting off we have Alex not knowing how to joni

Sadly Alex had no idea how to joni :(. Then, she wizened up and now she knows how to joni!!

After that sad affair, we have some Yummy Breakfast pics!!

Burnt bagels are a staple of Icey’s breakfast and no wonder! They’re delicious!😋

Now our appetite is gone you better run because a terror is coming…

Yes, LawCorazon the name-changing maniac. Half the riots in IW are caused by this menace, changing nicknames.

(Finally, the maniac gets a taste of her own medicine)

Now we have the Simp Squad!

A team of Simps assembles to simp everyone to destruction! (Luckily they aren’t active rn)

And that marks the end of our journey into the happenings of the past.
Hope you enjoyed and remember…
Don’t Freeze Up!

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  1. some iw classics!


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