Ice Warriors Fall Food Festival & Food Fight!

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies Alaska to close out November with a Food- Themed event in honor of Thanksgiving! We had a great time dressing up as our favorite foods.

The event consisted of a snowball fight in the Pizza Parlor (Team Law vs. Team Icey) We also were able to check out some of the awesome new rooms that were added for the winter time on CP Armies!

In case you missed out on the fun- check out the event photos below!

== Max: 52 ==

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Successful Invasion of Parka

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we invaded the server Parka from the Army of Orient Seas and turned it a beautiful shade of Ice Warriors blue.

As you may know, AOS unsuccessfully attempted to transfer this server to the Water Vikings, who are currently at war with our brother allies, the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation. May this be a lesson to all other armies thinking of involving themselves- do not step on Black Ice.

Although AOS did not show up to defend their land, we had a great time invading and hosting a training session afterwards.

In case you missed out on the invasion today- check out the photos below!

===Max: 57==

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Get To Know IW: Leader in Training, Kally

Hey there Ice Warriors!

You voted, and we heard you! Today you will learn a little more about one of our lovely Leaders in Training- Kally!

I had the pleasure to sit down with Kally for an interview where we learned about her tastes in music, funny stories, hobbies and more!!! Keep on reading to find out more about our favorite Commie Queen!

Alex: Hi Kally, are you ready for your interview?

Kally: man i was bout to go bed but I GUESS NOT its either tiktoks until 1:30 or this :waiting: hows my hair?

Kally preparing for her interview

Disclaimer: as you may know, Kally has EXCEPTIONAL HAIR (its really beautiful) and she always wants you to love yourself the same way that “Kayne loves Kanye”… ANWAYS… onto the interview

Alex: Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what are your hobbies?

Kally: I’m Kally, sadly I was too uncreative so I chose my real name as my Discord username (rip Kalsiluh). Most of y’all already know that I’m a fake slav, but now reside in the boujee-est neighbourhoods of central Europe. I’m actually a huge film nerd and student association lover (the German, not the American type), but most people don’t even know that cause a certain children’s game has been eating up all of my time. Overall lmao I’m super boring I barely have any time for socialization outside of work, school and competitive Club Penguin </ 3 Oh yeah and I collect vinyls btw. Oh and don’t get me started on linguistics :smug:

Alex: That does not sound boring at all! (and we all love ourselves some competitive Club Penguin) :eh: You mentioned vinyls? What’s your favorite type of music to listen to?

Kally: Oooh yes vinyls. I used to like very basic poppy top 100’s music, but right now I like rock, rap, and indie the most probably… It varies, I like a lot of music, some names I could drop are Harry Styles, Queen, The Smiths, Tyler the Creator, Fontaines DC, Sufjan Stevens, Lana del Rey, but the list goes on and on. Now that I think of it I’m kinda embarassed that I started my vinyl collection with the Beatles, I kinda dislike them now.

Alex: Thats really really awesome, Harry Styles is a KING so I totally support it! Many people say that you are the biggest rival for Icey’s Breakfast snapchats. Some even call you the IW Foodie. What is your favorite meal to cook and eat?

Kally: Yes! TPWK has been my motto for a while now.

Ok so. First of all, I am not his biggest rival, I am the ALPHA. Me, Kally, I started the breakfast trend, NOT HIM!!! He’s the impostor!! Ask Panini! Anybody who has been around long enough that I created the Breakfast Club of CPO, and I have the receipts to prove it. He’s just a sad copy of what the Kally Breakfast is.

Second of all, my favourite meal to cook is super simple and super healthy. Take a green leafy salad mix, no dressing. Use a little bit of cottage cheese tho. Then take some green beans and tomatoes and steam those in a pan until the tomatoes are soft so you can kinda smush them, and put that on top of the salad. It kinda acts as a healthier dressing. And the cherry on top, I just steam a piece of salmon filet, and put that on top. And I swear to God. This is my favourite healthy thing to cook forever.

NOTE: Do you hear that @Iceyfeet1234??? She is coming for your CROWN!

Alex: That sounds absolutely delicious, I am going to try to replicate that recipe sometime soon. You should start a new column on the IW site, call it “Cooking with Kally” :ufff: or even a social media account that we can follow!

Our very own, Kally after cooking in the kitchen all day- a true Ice Warriors Chef!

Alex: Speaking of social media: What is your favorite social media platform?

Kally: Ohh, I think it’s TikTok. As sad as it may sound, the app has some great creators and some really funny stuff on there. To anybody wondering, I’m on alt/witch-tok. Manifestation works, it’s crazy, thanks TikTok I guess.

Alex: Alt Tik tok seems like a really cool place haha with really talented creators. Who is your favorite Tik Tokker and why?

Kally: Oh alt TikTok is so wacky, but fun… I remember when it got real bad and it was just deep-fried images of idk dolls and… Idek. Actually my favourite TikTokers aren’t from the alt side, but they’re Chris Olsen and Ian Paget!! They’re a really sweet couple and they make videos about ‘pranking’ each other. It’s just really wholesome cause Ian is super open about emotions and feelings and talks about everything. #Goals

Alex: That sounds really cute- Ice Warriors, definitely check them out!!! Let’s pivot the conversation over to CPA now! When did you first join CP Armies? Can you talk to us about your experience?

Kally: I first joined in August of 2018 actually! I was a Pirates troop for a while and then switched to the ETA army until the army part of the community shut down. It was a crazy time back then, Epic101 was leading Pirates and I really didn’t like the community, which is why I never really got into it. Mid January in 2020 I got bored during winter-break so I went on CPO and I saw Rex Tillerson recruiting for DCP… Switched to IW in March and most of you know the rest!! It’s been a wild ride, I like the community way better now and I’ve made sooo many great friends. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but I’m kinda lucky I got to witness the huge growth in 2020. This place is amazing.

Alex: We are so happy to have you here in IW with us :iwheart: What is your favorite part about the army?

Kally: This is gonna sound super cheesy, but it’s for sure the people. I’ve stressed this so many times in q&a’s, sit group’s, staff tips etc… People don’t stay in armies because they like the game or the snowflakes, they stay for the people. IW family forever (:

Alex: That is truly so sweet and warms my heart- we have a wonderful family here :iwheart: Do you have any funny moments that you would like to share with the readers?

Kally: There’s a lot of stuff I’m not remembering right now, but… Snails ending CPO, Tuba Gang, Card-Jitsu Tournaments, Skribbl, Kahoot, all of those old funny memories keep coming back. Also one time I had a party in my beach Iggy with Jenn, Lydia, Agent 11 and Panini, maybe more people, I don’t really remember. One of them peed in my pool, you can guess in the comment section who it was. But that party was legendary. Oh and I don’t like mentioning this, but we once held a wedding on CPO and we did indeed get on Bang’s Twitch stream that had a couple hundred people watching. I may have said some inappropriate stuff… I looked gorgeous though, especially my hair. (Some say it cost over 300$)

Alex: #KallyHasGoodHair get it TRENDING please!!!! & The CPO Wedding was really one for the books, the screenshots haunt us to this day. Long live Walrus amirite???? What is one thing that you want the readers do know about you that they may not already know?

Pictured: A peasant that does not have hair nearly as good as Kally

Kally: Omg long live Walrus :ER: I’m gonna seem like the weirdest person now, and you, Alex, know this already, but I’m super into astrology (not. horoscopes.) and I will interpret your birth chart if you send it to me. I once did this at like 1am in a group chat with some of the HCOM and life hasn’t been the same… Also if you need to know anything about me, it’s that I’m a super down-to-earth person and I will always tell you how things are. Gotta keep it real.

Alex: Thank you for sharing that with us :goo:!! This has been a lovely interview and I really enjoyed getting to know more about you. i will let you get to sleep now because it is almost 3am for you!!! Do you have any final words for the readers?

Kally: 2am :E6: stupid americans don’t know their timezones (EDIT: GOOGLE LIED TO ME ITS NOT MY FAULT) Thank you for the opportunity for this wonderful interview! I don’t have much more to say, remember that Orange is a simp, Law is better at abusing perms than leading, Icey’s breakfast aren’t that great, and finally, Treat People with Kindness! :lovedyc:

Thats all from me folks- thank you for taking the time to read and get to know our very own @kallyiw ❤ We hope you enjoyed the interview and be on the lookout for the next Get To Know IW post coming soon!!!!

Love you all,

Halloween Pumpkin Takeover: US Battle Practice

Hey there Ice Warriors!

This evening we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for a fun Pumpkin Head themed battle training for our troops! We had a great time sharpening up our quick room changes and tactics in preparation for the upcoming CPAH Tournament! Incase you missed out on the fun, check out the event photos below!

===Max: 47===

46 Uniformed + 1 Non-Uniformed Troop

Thank you all for attending today- we hope you had a SPOOKY TIME! Make sure to check out our next two events: THURSDAY’S HALLOWEEN SHOWDOWN PART 3 & SUNDAY’S FRIGHT OR FIGHT TOURNAMENT BATTLE AGAINST ACP!– We will be giving away nitro, promotions and an EXCLUSIVE MEDAL!!! See you there!

Love you all,

Ice Warriors Staff Interview: Dr Queen

Hey there Ice Warriors!

You voted, and the people have spoken! Our first IW Staff Interview of the series is our very own Lieutenant General- DRQUEEN!!!!

I had the pleasure to sit down with the queen herself and ask her some questions about her start in CP Armies, her favorite foods, and more! Keep on reading to find out all of her secrets! 🙂 ❤

Alex: First Question, How are you today? :goo:

Dr Queen: I’m doing great, its Friday, so super excited that its the weekend! Hbu?

Alex: Amazing- I am doing good :goo: thanks for asking!!! Next Question, something that we ALL want to know- How did you get your name “DrQueen”?

DrQueen: I knew this question was coming LOL so the “Dr” comes from my ambitions of wanting to become a medical doctor down the future. The “Queen” part comes from one of my favorite bands, Queen. Also, my dad called me queen when I was younger! So one day I just put it together…and boom the name DrQueen was born!

Actual picture of DrQueen working as a REAL doctor!!!!!! (not fake I swear)

Alex: Awww I love that, and you a definitely a queen gurl!!! LOL Next Question, When did you start playing Club Penguin? and when did you join CP Armies?

DrQueen: I started playing Club penguin when I was younger, and always played it through out the years with my friends…However, I only discovered armies only this year, when I joined in the beginning of June 2020!

Alex: Oooo very nice! We are so happy that you decided to join armies because now we all have you as such a great friend! What has been your funniest moment in CP Armies so far?

Dr Queen: Probably the time where me and Law was VC leading one of the Halloween showdown events in IW and Kayles & IceQueen kept throwing tactics at us before we can announce the previous tactics and it was literal chaos, I couldn’t breathe LOL #Justice4VCLeaders and the joke of “1 troop logs on = 1 potato DrQueen eats” where half of the IW didn’t believe I ate 20 potatoes due to the WN max sizing 20 troops for an event. I did eat those 20 potatoes Freedomist, stop assuming that im lying :waiting:

Alex: LOL yes that Mummies vs. Zombies event was totally chaotic, I’m sure a lot of others would agree too! Lets get away from armies for a little bit- What do you like to do in your free time??

DrQueen: I absolutely love dancing, I am actually a part of my school’s dance team! I also do weight lifting, love going to the beach, eating food and trying new food!

Alex: Ohh thats so cool! Sounds like you like to stay very active!! Speaking of food, what’s your favorite meal?

DrQueen: Quesadillas and nachos slaps, don’t forget the extra cheese for both of them. OH AND FRIES how can I forget my fries

Alex: OOOO yummy curly fries are the BEST!!

DrQueen: Curly fries FTW>>>

DrQueen on a date at the local Penguin Pizza Parlor enjoying a delicious meal of curly fries!

Alex: Alright now- What is one thing that you want the readers to know about DrQueen?

DrQueen: But I just want people to know that, I’ll always be there for you when the times get rough & if we don’t know each other please come say hello to me :Blushpwease: I like new friends ❤ AND THAT I DID EAT THE 20 POTATOES TYVM!

Alex: Very very sweet ❤ Any final words? :waiting:

DrQueen: SCARY WADDLE AND ORANGE GIVE ME BACK MY FREAKING KNEECAPS… also dont forget out #events-info for the next IW event :waiting~4:

You heard it here first everyone! DrQueen is not only an amazing staff member, friend, and VC leader, BUT she is also going to be a doctor to make sure that all Ice Warriors never get sick. She is also now the resident IW Potato QUEEN! Thank you so much DrQueen for sitting down and interviewing with me!

Be sure to be on the lookout for our next Staff Interview vote!

Until then, Don’t Freeze Up!

Love you all,

Halloween Showdown Practice Battle: PART II

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA to have a fun Team Zombie vs Team Mummy Practice Battle! Our HCOM lead the battle today as we dressed up in spooky costumes, roasted each other, and had a great time! Our resident Head Judge and very epic very cool leader, Regan, judged the battle for us today! In case you missed out on the fun- check out the photos below!

===Max: 58===







Incredible job to all Ice Warriors who attended today! We hope you had an amazing time at the 2nd Halloween Showdown!!! Be sure to check out our events information channels to attend Round 1 of the Fright or Fight Tournament as well as our next AUSIA Battle– both this upcoming weekend!

Love you all,

Ice Warriors US/EU U-Lead Event

Hey there Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto CP Armies ALASKA for an exciting U-Lead Tactics event! Troops had the chance to show their creativity by calling tactics, formations, and room changes all around the island! We hope you all loved being a 100% Totally Legit IW Leader!

In case you missed out on the fun- check out the photos below:

===Max: 50===

We loved your creativity with your funny word tactics and formations- my personal favorite was Abi G’s “A” Formation. 😉

If you are hungry for more fun make sure to attend our UNSCHEDULED PRACTICE BATTLE WITH THE TEMPLARS TONIGHT- 8PM EST! We hope to see you there ❤ ❤

Love you all,

Shinde’s Final Battle [Practice Battle vs. RPF]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto CP Armies SUMMIT 😉 , for two reasons:
1) To have a fun practice battle with our allies, The Rebel Penguin Federation
2) To Celebrate our leader, Shinde’s Last Battle as an Ice Warrior 😦

Shinde has been a loyal Ice Warrior and an incredible leader for many many months now, making troops feel at home and loved within our army. We are going to miss her terribly. If you would like to read Shinde’s retirement post it can be found here.

Today’s battle was a great way to send Shinde off, we were able to max 81 Ice Warriors online, did a lot of fun tactics, and had a great time during the battle. In case you missed out on the fun, check out the photos below!

===MAX: 81===




Incredible job to all Ice Warriors that attended today’s battle. Thank you for supporting Shinde! Another big Thank You goes out to The Rebel Penguin Federation for battling with us! BIA FOREVER!

We truly have the best troops in the league and we are thankful for each and every one of you! Make sure you come celebrate the end of an AMAZING SUMMER with us at our AUSIA CAR TAKEOVER and US/EU ICE PROM -both Tomorrow, September 13th!

Until then- Don’t Freeze Up!

Love you all,