What I Learned

 Did I made a huge impact here? I’m not sure…

But knowing I was apart of something beautiful is enough for me. 

Signing off for the last time as Ice Warriors Third In Command,

Daisy Bloom4

Video from Legends Cup battle

Daisy Bloom4, New 3ic

    Hello! For those who don’t know me, my name is Daisy Bloom4, though you can just call me Daisy! 🙂  I’ve joined the Ice Warriors army last year (towards the end of the year) and was a proud troop to be there ever since. I made so many kind and helpful friends along the way during in Ice Warriors. And, to see that I’m 3ic now shows I came a long way, though I wouldn’t make it this far without my friends, so thanks for those who helped me achieved this far! 😀 As a 3ic, I planned to hopefully help IW to continue to be successful as it is today and make sure to keep our chat safe and help any new troops that needs it. I also hope to make more great memories along the way with the IW army and helped others to achieve as well. Don’t Freeze Up! 😉