Snails Takeover!

What’s up Warriors!

Today we logged on Northern Lights to have fun (destroying) battling the Recon Federation. With great size formations and tactics we had an awesome time. Also, we ended the event with a party at the Night Club!

Total Max: 56

Thanks for all who attended our event and make sure to check #ausia-event-information and #event-information channels for our 2 next events tomorrow!

Kings Never Die


Ice Warriors Leader

Aliens Takeover!

We come in peace.

Greetings warriors! Today we logged on Alaska for an Aliens Takeover! We practiced tactics, room switches, formations and more! Shoutout to our HCOM for helping us leading!

Total Max: 52

Thanks for everyone who came! Make sure to click #friday-event-information for our next battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation!



Ice Warriors Leader

Divisional PB with Red Ravagers

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for a divisional practice battle with our friends Red Ravagers, making it a three-way battle. The results ended with a victory for IW Polar taking the first room and making a tie in the other two rooms with our division IW Blizzard.

Total Max: 48

Make sure to check #event-information for our Mystery Event 😮 this Thursday!

Signing off,


Ice Warriors Leader

New code for New Club Penguin!

Hey Ice Warriors!

Use the new code 20KUSERS for some clothes items, a background, a pin and money!

That’s all for now!

Don’t Freeze Up!


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NewCP Secret Items in Costume Trunk Catalog and Dojo Catalog

Hey, want to know all the CPR secrets tips and tricks? 
🡇Click this link to join our discord!!🡇

We provide all the CPR info you need!

Hey Ice Warriors!

If you like secret items you will love this post! Today I present to you the ones that are hidden in the Costume Trunk Catalog (in the Mall in the Plaza), and the Dojo Catalog! Stamp secrets will be coming out shortly. We plan to host more events on CPR for people to earn stamps for our stamp frenzy!



Click on The Fern Fuzz to buy a Grass Skirt

Click on the golden puffle to buy the Crook and Flail

The Sunset Crown can be yours by clicking on the Funny Pig mask!

Wow that’s a bright emerald, click on it to buy the Ruffle Collar

Click on the White Fuzzy Beard to buy the Pointy Shoes



Click on the left leaf at the bottom middle to buy The Cinder and the Tea Ceremony Robes

If you want the Crimson Sun Suit, just click on the right leaf at the top left.

To buy The Bolt and the Thunder Gi click on the left leaf at the top right.


And that are all the secret items from this two catalogs! I hope you enjoy them.

Huge thanks to Shinde for the images!

Don’t Freeze Up!


IW Leader in Training