Divisional PB vs Crimson Guardians! [EU/US]


Today we logged on Klondike for an amazing and classic divisional battle, Polar vs Blizzard. This time our invited army was….. Crimson Guardians! After two rooms of battling + one extra room for a 1vs1 divisional, the battle ended with a victory of Blizzard! Congratulations!!!

Max: 55

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Troop & Staff Member of the Week: 31st November 2020

What’s Up Ice Warriors!

Another week, new events, amazing memories and of course our weekly Troop and Staff of the Week!

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Celebration Ice Day! + HoF Inductions [EU/US]

Happy Day Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Sub Zero, our capital server, for an amazing celebration! This time we practiced many tactics, bombs and formations! Thanks for everyone who stayed to this long event until the end.

Max: 57

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Super Showdown: Golds vs Chaos [EU / US]

Venimus Vidimus Vicimus & Here Comes Chaos!

Waddup warriors, today we logged on Wool Socks for our Super Showdown, which the teams were two old and legendary armies.. Golds vs Chaos!

It was an amazing battle, we proved to be really strong once more. Thanks for everyone who came! Get ready for the next big events coming…

Max: 67

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Christmas Chaos X: 1st Round vs GT [EU/US]

Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for the first round of Chirstmas Chaos against the Golden Troops! After three exciting rooms we were able to win by 3-0! Congratulations to all, let’s keep aiming for more!

Max: 56

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Warriors Showdown: 2nd Battle [Heroes vs Villains]

Hey again Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for our Warriors Showdown‘s 2nd battle! This day’s teams were: Team Superheroes vs Team Supervillains! These teams were dressed today as Penguins vs Herberts!

After three amazing rooms showing an strong battle, the winners of this battles are….

The Superheroes!

Max: 58

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Tuesday Staff U-Lead [US]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for another staff u-lead! Our staff showed us their leading skills and made us prepare for the Christmas Chaos tournament! Amazing job to everyone who attended.

Max: 54

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Practice Battle with RPF! [AUSIA]

❄️Stay Frosty ❄️

Today we logged on Alaska for a practice battle with our brother allies, Rebel Penguin Federation in AUSIA times! We did really amazing even though we had size disadvantage. Our quick tactics & bombs were the ones that we could appreciate more!

Amazing job everyone, even though we lost we did really good. Thanks to everyone who came!

Max: 53

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