My Farewell – Flames370

Looking back at when I had first started my “career” in Club Penguin armies, I never would’ve thought that I would become the last 2nd in command of a legendary army like the Ice Warriors. This isn’t much of a “retirement” post, since we’ve all been forced off of this game, but rather a final statement containing an extremely brief history of me, my (incomplete) list of friends, and just a final goodbye to the people I’ve known over the years.

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[US] Battle/Training On Blizzard – [RESULTS]


Hello Ice Warriors,

Tonight we logged on to Blizzard to battle WN and to train. We managed to max 32, averaging 30, but of course bots showed up and prevented us from taking many pictures.

Lockouts from Plaza:

The bots weren’t the biggest problem however; the moderators were. A few of our troops started to get kicked off the server and some even got banned.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

~ Flames370, Ice Warriors 3rd in Command