10 Year Anniversary

June 1st/Weekend Reunion

Come visit anytime of the day. Everyone is welcome to visit xat.com/icewarriors all weekend long to celebrate and reunite with old troops.

Peak times to visit (for June 1st):
4pm est and 7pm est
3pm cst and 6pm cst
2pm mst and 5pm mst
1pm pst and 4pm pst
9pm uk and 12am uk

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone exchanges contact info throughout the reunion weekend. IF we decide to have another reunion, it may not be until Christmas. After that, I don’t know if we will have anymore.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Shutdown / Future Plans


Upon the closure of Club Penguin on Wednesday, the Club Penguin Ice Warriors will also shutdown. With this, it is extremely important that you exchange contact info (kik, email, etc) with former troops before the end of this week. After Club Penguin closes, there is a VERY small chance you will ever see them again. However, that small chance can be a bigger chance on 1 day.

On June 1st we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a reunion. All former troops will be welcome to attend. If you are unable to exchange contact info with people this week, then our anniversary party will be the only other time to do so.

When Club Penguin announced CP Next a few years ago, former IW leaders/veterans and myself discussed several options for when the day would finally come. Guess what? That day is finally here, and it’s time to briefly discuss our options.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time today (Wednesday) to go into detail with our plans, so I’ll only sum it up very briefly. The Club Penguin Ice Warriors WILL be shutdown, but that doesn’t mean we, as friends, cannot play different games with each other. Over the past few months I have talked with former troops and have decided to make a post (later this week) with a master list of contact info (if you wish to have it displayed) and games that troops will be moving to.

Again, I will go more into detail later this week. Please note that if you do choose to join former troops and play a new game, you are playing something completely different. The point of a new game is to experience what is new within it. That means you shouldn’t be spamming emotes for 30 minutes to win a battle!

I apology for the lack of info, but I am extremely busy this week with school. I will have more posts up on the site this weekend with more information and my goodbye to everyone. If you wish to contact me, I highly recommend visiting the chat by Sunday.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

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The Return

February 2017

Happy 9 Year Anniversary Ice Warriors!

I can’t believe IW is almost a decade old! It’s good to see the army is still going strong since I first opened the doors on June 1st 2007.

Armies have changed so much since then, and I am one of the very few people that have seen it all. Overall armies do have the potential to make great changes to keep the community alive, but its going to take more than just one army to make those changes possible.

I’m sure most people noticed that I’m rarely on anymore. Unfortunately that’s how it will be from now on. Ill keep in touch via kik, but other than that Ill pop into the chat once in a great while, maybe a little bit extra during the summer.

Other than that I hope you guys stay strong and keep the army community alive!

PS: Try to plan an anniversary party this weekend 😉

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234


Iw’s stance on DCP

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[US] Defense of Mammoth – VICTORY #IceAge


Good day, troops! Today we successfully defended our server Mammoth from SWAT. We managed to demolish them and defend our server.

Maximum: 35+ || Average: 33+


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