Practice Battle vs. Help Force – Results

Hey Ice Warriors,
Today we faced off against one of our allies, The Help Force. It was a fun battle with many funny roasts thrown back and forth between both armies and it was a good little test to see how we could do in a battle for the first time in a week. To the surprise of no one, we did very well! Winning the battle 3-0 and sending our beloved leader Zuke off with an amazing farewell. One more time I’d like to thank Zuke for all that he did for us and the battles he fought for us.

Max: 67


Practice Battle vs. DW – Results!

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we logged on and hosted a practice battle with our brother allies Dark Warriors. This was a really great event which helped us prepare for our massive Legends Cup battle which takes place next Sunday! All Ice Warriors are expected to be there for 2x promotions and other giveaways such as nitro, and an Zuke’s Sunglasses. Anyways, here are the pictures.

MAX: 70