End of Summer Awards [Results]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Over the last 8 days us leaders have spent the time counting over 60 votes from everyone in all 11 categories and are proud to bring you guys the results!

Best Event

First Place: Monkey Event

Second Place: Flamez Golden Mop Event

Third Place: Madhav’s retirement

Best War

First Place: IW vs DCP (the one where they ran away)

Second Place: The Badboy War

Best VC Leader

First Place: Regan

Second Place: Shinde

Third Place: Alex & Lvna

Best Quote

First Place:  I was a really fat child, and then I got fatter (kally: Did you stop eating tayto sandwiches?) I said I got fat not stupid – Regan ft. Kally

Second Place: Can someone please explain to me how I joni? -Alex

Third Place: Catch these hands noobs – Iceyfeet1234


Class Clown

First Place: Chris

Second Place: Regan

Third Place: Dingleman

Brightest Bulb

First Place: Pizza gang

Second Place: Tomaro

Third Place: Da Best & Deryk

Party Animal

First Place: Regan & Flamez

Second Place: P A N I N I

Third Place: Dizzy

Biggest Simp

First Place: Mordie & Iceyfeet1234

Second Place: Aly

Third Place: Mare & Trinity

Best Allied Leader

First Place: Crazzy

Second Place: Megann

Third Place: Julia & Noa

Funniest Moment

First Place: Making DCP run out of the league

Second Place: Turning IW into Bikini Bottom

Third Place: Snail Alliance ends CPO

Proudest Moment

First Place: Winning March Madness

Second Place: Formation of BIA and Invasion of Summit

Third Place: Defeating ACP in Legends Cup

Along with this we have also decided to give out one addition award. This award will be given to one of the most loyal and trustworthy troops the Ice Warriors has ever seen. Ever since they’ve joined they’ve done their best to make the Ice Warriors as good as they could. From chilling in their pool to relaxing in their tanning bed, The Ice Warriors are proud to announce the most privileged award.


First Place: Alex

Second Place: Alexandra

Third Place: Alexxandra

Congratulations to all that were nominated and a special congratulations to the winners! Roll on Prom!

End of Summer prom & awards

Hey there Ice Warriors!

With the end of summer and everyone going back to school the Ice Warriors leadership have decided to host the Ice Warriors Prom and our very own Awards Ceremony! so get your dates at the ready and prepare for a fun night with the Ice Warriors. They don’t have to be in Ice Warriors!



Times: 4PM EST – 3PM CST – 2PM MST – 1PM PST – 9PM UK

Server: Alaska

Room: Ice Berg


Best Event

1. Flamez Golden Mop Event
2. Legends Cup Semi Finals vs RPF
3. Monkey Event (Bens Retirement event)
4. Agent 11’s Retirement Event
5. Madhav’s Retirement Event

Best War

1. The Badboy war: IW, CPPA, Golds, DW, AK vs SWAT, DCP, Elites, Royals, Athletes
2. IW vs DCP: July 2020 (the one where they ran away)

Best VC Leader

1. Regan
2. Shinde
3. Alex
4. Panini
5. Josh
6. Kala
7. Lvna
8. Barry

Best Quote

1. I am Alberto – Alberto

2. can someone please explain to me how I joni? – Alex


4. I was a really fat child, and then I got fatter (kally: Did you stop eating tayto sandwiches?) I said I got fat not stupid – Regan

5. Catch these hands noobs – Icey

6. GET REGAN OUT :annoyed: – Tomaro

Class Clown

1. Orange
2. Chris
3. Aly
4. Regan
5. Iceyfeet1234
6. Dingle/ Legoman

Brightest Bulb

1. Da Best
2. Pizza Gang
3. Deryk
4. Tomaro
5. Snilly
6. KingMikey.

Party Animal

1. Panini
2. Regan
3. Agent 11
4. Flamez
5. Dizzy
6. Madhav 2

Biggest Simp

1. Morde
2. Agent 11
3. Iceyfeet1234 (for recruits)
4. Mare
5. Aly
6. Trinity

Best allied leader

1. Crazzy [RPF]
2. Cosmo [RPF]
3. Noa [DW]
4. Julia [DW]
5. Spotty [DW]
6. Freezie [DW]
7. Megann [DW]
8. Ganger90 [SWAT]
9. Tistle [HF]
10. Barney [HF]

Funniest moment

1. Turning IW into Bikini Bottom
2. Snail alliance ends CPO
3. The night we dropped our glasses
4. Making DCP run out of the league

Proudest Moment

1.Winning March Madness against DW
2.Defeating ACP in Legends Cup
3.Formation of BIA and invasion of Summit

To vote please copy and paste the ballet with your answers and DM it to a member of the voting committee which are
* Regan#1916

For your vote to be valid you need to fill out every category with one of the nominees, please do not put anyone that isn’t nominated as your vote will not be counted. ONE VOTE PER PERSON! We have ways of finding out the cheaters.

Best Event:
Best War:
Best VC Leader:
Best Quote:
Class Clown:
Brightest Bulb:
Party Animal
Biggest Simp:
Best Allied Leader:
Funniest Moment:
Proudest Moment:

You will have until Saturday the 12th September at 6:59pm EST to send in your votes, any votes sent after this will not be counted. Results will be announced on September 13th not long before our prom event. May the best nominee’s win!

Ausia Hide & Seek 6/08/20

Hey Ice Warriors!

Fresh from our March Madness tournament win we held a celebratory Ausia hide & seek game where we all hid on cparmies and our dearest monkey, Ben would attempt to find us. He didn’t. our new World champion Hiders are. Alex, Brandon, Orange, Lil Dormy, Shinde, and Clindsz. I guess you can say monkey is a bad seeker.

Max: 38

Don’t Freeze up

A Rollercoaster – March March Madness 2020

Hey Ice Warriors!

16th March 2020, March Madness was mad official and times were given, none of us could of imagined the storm that was up ahead.

The 16 teams that competed to be March madness champions.

Sweet 16

Ice Warriors vs Kiwis

They said they weren’t gonna show so we got a bye lol.

Elite Eight

Ice Warriors vs Instrumentalists

Our first battle of the tournament came on the 29th of March where we faced off against the late, great Instrumentalists. That day the Ice Warriors maxed 90! while ICP put up a good fight, the Ice Warriors eased passed to advance to the Semi Finals.

The Ice Warriors Pre Battle

Final Four pt.1

Ice Warriors vs Doritos of CP

I’m sure people have just came straight to this part but anyways. April 5th, I remember it well, the biggest battle in not just Ice Warrior history, but in all of Club Penguin armies. The Ice Warriors leaders and staff were working hard at recruiting in preparation for this showdown while the Dorito’s were working hard on creating alts to react with. The day finally came, Everyone in armies had their eye on this battle. We came out with our greatest max ever with 165 penguins! Comparing that with DCP’s 120 (they had 460+ reacts) .

Seriously who picks the gift shop?

Oh let’s now talk about my favourite room, the Stadium. How we “Entered Early” so somehow the room is deemed invalid. Good call right? haha no. It’s almost as if the battle was being rigged. hmmmm.

but we’re the ones that entered early 😉

What was the CPOAL’s solution for our “early entry”? lets have the biggest battle in army history, in the Pizza parlor. A room that was also won by the Ice Warriors. I still remember DCP’s wipes not even coming near us as they hide in their corners.

The battle was over then and there, and we waited over 30 minutes for a result. The Dorito’s leaders were consoling their troops, they knew they had lost. OH But what happens? The battle was declared a DCP win. Once again, almost as if the battle was rigged? But no never. Well as you’ve most likely seen in our war declaration post. The battle was rigged from the very beginning. This led to massive uproar and leading to the tournament being “abandoned” until……

Final Four pt.2

Ice Warriors vs Doritos of CP

Fresh from making DCP quit the league they made, I got a DM from Mr. Pookie himself, Pookie came to me with the idea of finally letting us get our revenge on those cheating crisps after nearly 4 months giving us the Ice Warriors/Dark Warriors final we all deserved. With all the evidence of DCP’s cheating antics out, The idea of redoing another March Madness semi final was brought forward. We accepted without hesitation. Finally a chance for us to set things right, March Madness resumed on July 30th, with the legitimate result this time. WE CRUNCHED THEM. That day the Ice Warriors who continue to grow day in day out, maxed 101! It was manslaughter. Easy dub, 3-0. The good guys had finally gotten their justice. Just goes to show that cheaters never prosper. Thank you next. TWA Final here we come.

The Final

Ice Warriors v Dark Warriors

The final we all deserved, the final where two brothers become enemies for those 30 minutes. I couldn’t of asked for a better final to have. The Warrior Alliance final happened on the 4th August. Both armies had been through alot of drama to get to this stage with DW having to battle CPPA twice in order to advance to the Semi Finals. Both IW & DW were the best armies in this tournament bar none. The Ice Warriors maxed 88.

Pre battle
Also @DW I had a shower right after 😉

Dark Warriors, We love you and you did amazing. Myself and the others leading broke a lot of sweat in order for victory, but there would also be no other army I’d prefer to lose to.

While this is a very nice trophy, I’m afraid this tournament isn’t called August Sadness, no matter what someone tries to convince themselves with their fake positions, This tournament is MARCH MADNESS. Sorry Drake. Now It’s time for the NWO Treatment.

March Madness 2020 champions, THE ICE WARRIORS

This wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of our wonderful staff team and of course our troops. We love every single one of you guys. IW FOREVER.

Invasion of Summit [Results]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Let us remember the 18th of July, 2020 as a day of success, A day where the world seemed right. That was the day the Black Ice Alliance headed for the remains of Doritos capital, and took it for our own, Thus ending the war officially. Why the “remains” you may ask? Their ego’s couldn’t handle losing to our alliance so they left the league and ran away. A few days ago the Doritos attempted to bring back the New Dawn Alliance but their “allies” dropped once they learned what the Doritos were truly about. Disrespecting their allies, troop stealing, hell even disrespecting their own troops. (Read more here, here, and here ). Let this war be a lesson that there’s always hope for the good guys. Even when two judges tried to rig our battle for Rocky Road against us (Aubz u da MVP). justice had been served. I’m proud of you Ice Warriors.

Max: 151

Lets keep it that way

There we have it, the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors are the proud owners of Summit. For the full recap of this war click here.

Interview with Alex, IW LIT

Greetings Ice Warriors! After a little break associated with the Legends Cup X we are back with series GET TO KNOW ME! Our today’s guest is Alex – Ice Warriors Leader in Training. What secrets does that pretty girl keep? Let’s check it out!

Shinde: Hello Alex! Ready for the interview?

Alex: Hello Queen Shinde! Sure!

Shinde: How did you find our army and why did you decide to join us?

Alex: I first found IW when I saw some recruiters on CP advertising free coins, codes, and events.  I was a big noob looking for coins so I joined.  When I joined the discord and was suuuper confused at first (if you know, you know).  But after attending my first event, I really enjoyed myself and decided to stay.

Shinde: Oooh! You advanced really fast. Now you are Leader in Training. Do you have any plans about the future of army?

Alex: Yes! Definitely trying to find new and innovative ways to recruit and retain troops!  Also, always making sure the Ice Warriors is a welcoming environment where everyone feels like they can be themselves and have fun together.  IW is one of the strongest armies out there and I want us to continue our legacy together and remain on top!

Shinde: Glad to hear it! OK. Let’s change the topic a little. From the really good sources we know that you are the Queen of McDonalds. Are the meals from that golden restaurant your guilty pleasure?

Alex: I am indeed the McDonald’s Queen.  I LOVE IT!  My go-to meal is a Big Mac, large french fries, and a Sweet Tea! It is literally my one true love, and I suggest that everyone tries it.

Shinde: So you really love that restaurant. Our females readers would like to know how do you keep so good body after all those fast food? Is it because of your swimming pool?

Alex: LOL! Fusion and Regan love to make fun of me for my swimming pool! But yes, lol swimming is a great way to exercise! All Ice Warriors and more than welcome to come over a use it with me!

Regans edit: PRIVILEGED

Shinde: Hahahaah! We will remember this! Okay. Last question. If someone write a book about you, what kind of book would it be? And how the writer would describe you?

Alex: Oh! I love this question. I would like to be in a murder mystery book, because I love true crime stories.  It would be cool to be the detective in the story it because its always fun trying to figure out the mystery.  I would hope that I would be described as smart and strong!

Shinde: OMG. I think I am a little scared right now… Thank you so much! ! Any final comments that you would like to share with our readers?

Alex: Hmm… yes. 7/10 DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY

As you can see Alex is one of the greatest person who has many plans for the future. Also she is really focused on the present and never forget about fun! Let’s wish her all best and remember – we are all invited for the Alex’s pool party! I hope we will order some of her favourites McDonalds’ meals!

With whom should we have a interview next time? As always YOU DECIDE! Stay tuned with discord for the new poll! Also leave comment below if you’ve read it and share your thoughts with us!

Get to know me – Creators secrets

Hello Warriors! Time to start interviews from series GET TO KNOW ME! Introducing Iceyfeet1234 – creator and foundator of Ice Warriors of CP. Let’s see what secrets and thoughts our king of the burnt bagel is hiding! Continue reading

PB vs RPF 19th May 2020

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we held an historical practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. And I am proud to say that we won by a score of 2-1 in which we took the W in the first & second rooms. Well done to all Ice Warriors troops for attending, We couldn’t of won this without you guys.

Max: 67

Until next time! Don’t Freeze Up!


Ice Warriors Leader