Troop of the Week 18th January 2020

Hey there Ice warriors!

After a fun filled week It’s time to choose the First Troop of the week this decade. Without further delay I’d like to reveal this weeks number one troop is………..


Shinde has been amazing all week by participating in our battles, Recruiting on Club Penguin and of course being active in our Discord server. Congratulations Shinde.

~O’Regan619 Ice Warriors 2ic

Troop of the week returns

Hey Ice Warriors,

With my return to the army I think it’s only fitting I bring back one of my favourites, Troop of the Week. The ideal T.O.T.W should be loyal to IW, Attend plenty of Events and most Importantly be kind to others. To apply to be Troop of the week make sure you Comment below so I know you’re interested, Remember there will also be a special prize for the winner every week. Winner will be announced Sunday. DON’T FREEZE UP

~ O’Regan619 Ice Warriors 2ic