Interview with Alex, IW LIT

Greetings Ice Warriors! After a little break associated with the Legends Cup X we are back with series GET TO KNOW ME! Our today’s guest is Alex – Ice Warriors Leader in Training. What secrets does that pretty girl keep? Let’s check it out!

Shinde: Hello Alex! Ready for the interview?

Alex: Hello Queen Shinde! Sure!

Shinde: How did you find our army and why did you decide to join us?

Alex: I first found IW when I saw some recruiters on CP advertising free coins, codes, and events.  I was a big noob looking for coins so I joined.  When I joined the discord and was suuuper confused at first (if you know, you know).  But after attending my first event, I really enjoyed myself and decided to stay.

Shinde: Oooh! You advanced really fast. Now you are Leader in Training. Do you have any plans about the future of army?

Alex: Yes! Definitely trying to find new and innovative ways to recruit and retain troops!  Also, always making sure the Ice Warriors is a welcoming environment where everyone feels like they can be themselves and have fun together.  IW is one of the strongest armies out there and I want us to continue our legacy together and remain on top!

Shinde: Glad to hear it! OK. Let’s change the topic a little. From the really good sources we know that you are the Queen of McDonalds. Are the meals from that golden restaurant your guilty pleasure?

Alex: I am indeed the McDonald’s Queen.  I LOVE IT!  My go-to meal is a Big Mac, large french fries, and a Sweet Tea! It is literally my one true love, and I suggest that everyone tries it.

Shinde: So you really love that restaurant. Our females readers would like to know how do you keep so good body after all those fast food? Is it because of your swimming pool?

Alex: LOL! Fusion and Regan love to make fun of me for my swimming pool! But yes, lol swimming is a great way to exercise! All Ice Warriors and more than welcome to come over a use it with me!

Regans edit: PRIVILEGED

Shinde: Hahahaah! We will remember this! Okay. Last question. If someone write a book about you, what kind of book would it be? And how the writer would describe you?

Alex: Oh! I love this question. I would like to be in a murder mystery book, because I love true crime stories.  It would be cool to be the detective in the story it because its always fun trying to figure out the mystery.  I would hope that I would be described as smart and strong!

Shinde: OMG. I think I am a little scared right now… Thank you so much! ! Any final comments that you would like to share with our readers?

Alex: Hmm… yes. 7/10 DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY

As you can see Alex is one of the greatest person who has many plans for the future. Also she is really focused on the present and never forget about fun! Let’s wish her all best and remember – we are all invited for the Alex’s pool party! I hope we will order some of her favourites McDonalds’ meals!

With whom should we have a interview next time? As always YOU DECIDE! Stay tuned with discord for the new poll! Also leave comment below if you’ve read it and share your thoughts with us!

Get to know me – Creators secrets

Hello Warriors! Time to start interviews from series GET TO KNOW ME! Introducing Iceyfeet1234 – creator and foundator of Ice Warriors of CP. Let’s see what secrets and thoughts our king of the burnt bagel is hiding! Continue reading

PB vs RPF 19th May 2020

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we held an historical practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. And I am proud to say that we won by a score of 2-1 in which we took the W in the first & second rooms. Well done to all Ice Warriors troops for attending, We couldn’t of won this without you guys.

Max: 67

Until next time! Don’t Freeze Up!


Ice Warriors Leader

Game characters Fashion contest Results

Host: Shinde
Main theme: Video Game character
Judges: Vader, Yuzy, Kally

Special Mention

This weeks Special mention goes to Smiley for her purple penguin from club penguin minecraft game! (One could only wonder where she got that Idea from)

3rd place

This weeks Bronze medal goes to one of our leaders Flamez64 for his Agent 47 Costume. Good Job!

2nd place

This weeks Silver Medal goes to Shinde for her Big Smoke for GTA San Andreas costume! Well done Shinde.

1st place

This weeks winner is Seebs for his Costume of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat! Great Job Seebs!

That concludes this weeks tournament! Check out Contests to see what this weeks Theme is! Don’t Freeze up!

p.s All 4 of these were rangers!


Ice Warriors Leader

Famous Person Fashion Contest Results

Main theme: Famous person

Judges: Shinde, KallyRegan

Deadline: 20th April

Results: 22nd April 2020

Special mention

This weeks special mention goes to Smiley for her brilliant and hilarious James Corden Costume. Well done Smiley!

3rd place

This weeks bronze medal goes to abbieeo for her great John Lennon costume. Well done Abbieeo!

2nd place

This weeks silver medal goes to Gijennings for her um… Interesting entry of the tiger king Joe Exotic. Well done Gijennings!

1st place

This weeks gold medal goes to LawCorazon for his Brilliant and standout costume of Ace Ventura. Congratulations Law!

If you want to be our next winner, Check out #costumes in our Discord server. Thank you to Shinde for setting up and hosting these fun contests for us! Until next time, Don’t freeze up!


Ice Warriors Leader

Fairytale fashion contest results

Main theme: Fairytale

Judges: ShindeBoltRegan

Deadline: 13th April

Results: 14th April 2020

3rd Place

The bronze medal goes to Gijennings for her costume of Ursela from the little mermaid

2nd place

The silver medal goes to Silentxtoad for her moth lady and Loyal pet bunny costume.

1st prize

The gold medal and this weeks champion for the second week in a row goes to……. Kally for her Evil fairy queen costume, Well done Kally!

That’s all for now folks, Remember to check out #Contests in our server for the next contests theme.

Regan – Leader in Training

Red Carpet Fashion contest results

Main theme: Red Carpet

Judges: Shinde, Kay, Regan

Deadline: 6th April

Results: 7th April 2020

Special Mention

Now you will say I did this one purpose but Shinde wants to give a special mention to Regan(me) For his fabulous Entry(which I said wasn’t an entry) of Brandon Flowers from the Killers.

3rd place

The bronze medal has been awarded to Anje1807 for her costume of Taylor Swift. Good Job Anje!

2nd place

The Silver medal has been awarded to Miuuna for her Scarlett Johansson Costume, Great Job!

1st Prize

Then finally 1st prize has been awarded to Kally for her Costume titled “Ice Warriors star on the red carpet” Although I’m not sure about Puffles being allowed on the carpet!

Well done to everyone who participated to make this the funnest cp army in the history or cp armies! Until next time! Don’t Freeze up!


Troop of the Week 18th January 2020

Hey there Ice warriors!

After a fun filled week It’s time to choose the First Troop of the week this decade. Without further delay I’d like to reveal this weeks number one troop is………..


Shinde has been amazing all week by participating in our battles, Recruiting on Club Penguin and of course being active in our Discord server. Congratulations Shinde.

~O’Regan619 Ice Warriors 2ic