Practice Battle vs Army of Orient Seas

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Kościuszko to face with Army of Orient Seas. Our amazing AUSIA division once again showed how incredible fast and disciplinated they are. Another victory belongs to Ice Warriors! Nice job guys!

Also, we would like to say thank you to Army of Orient Seas for accepting the practice battle, showing up and spending time with us! Salute to you!

If you missed our AUSIA practice battle check pictures below and leave the comment! Also remember to come for our tournament battle with Army of Club Penguin (tomorrow at 3PM EST).

=== max penguins online: 35 ===

That’s all for today guys! Let’s prepare for tomorrow and win this tournament, shall we?

Much love and see you around,


Booo Ice Warriors!

Today we hosted the 3rd Halloween Showdown Battle. Before the event Ice Warrios and Golden Troops could choose their team – Skeletons or Ghosts. The battle was led by our amazing Leaders in Training and Trusted Staff. Both teams came up with creative and funny tactics but as we all know the winner can be only one! This time Skeletons Team won 2 : 1. Good job guys!

If you missed the spooky scary event, check pictures below and leave the comment – we want to know, what you think about those kind of events!

===== max spooky penguins online: 58 =====

Also remember to come to our next battles: one with AOS (Saturday, 9AM EST) and the semi-tournament-battle with ACP (Sunday, 3PM EST)! Stay tune with our discord server for time, rooms and commands!

Much love and see you around,


Hello Ice Warriors!

At the second event today, we logged onto Alaska to practice new forms and word tactics which were given by our amazing troops! On Funday-Sunday all Ice Warriors members could be a 100% Legit IW Leader. If you haven’t seen how potential future IW leaders look like or if you missed the fun event, check the pictures below!


Thank you guys for coming and leading! Next event on Tuesday! Stay tunned with #events-information channel on our discord server!

Much love and see you around,

Note: *Advisor [S.]

The Last Song – Ice Prom Night & Farewell Shinde

Hi Ice Warriors!

Yesterday we hosted a big party on Alaska. What was that night! The event started like always from practice some tactics then the real party started. During the Ice Prom all ice queens shone like diamonds and all ice kings looked so icey (max. 75 penguins).

Of course, during the ball there were competitions with prizes (special roles on the discord). That night you could take part in several competitions – The Best Ice Duo, The Best Ice Group, The Best Formal Outfit, Ice Prom Queen and Ice Prom King. See the results below. Congratulate to all winners!

The Best Ice Duo
(ex aequo)

Chris& Lemonade1Steph

Regan & Shinde

The Best Ice Group

Iceyfeet & his dates

The Best Formal Outfit



Iceyfeet1234 & Shinde

If you missed that amazing party on Club Penguin Armies, check pictures below and remember to congratulate winners on our discord server!

Thank you guys for coming – I coulnd’t imagine better last-leader party on Club Penguin. Big shout out to all who are not in Ice Warriors and just wanted to spend time with us. It means a lot, friends! ❤

Much love and see you around,

AUSIA Car Takeover

Hello Ice Warriors!

Sunday Funday time start! Today we hosted fun event on Alaska during which 36 penguins wore a blue car costume. Funny tactics, speed cars, beautiful bufflettes and handsome buffles – that’s how Ausia Ice Warriors have fun together! At the end of the event we had a car race which was won by CrazyFlame, Clindsz and CoralHopper! Congrats guys and see you tonight at the Ice Prom Night with Ice Awards Ceremony.

You cannot miss it!

Thank you guys for coming! Make sure you can come to our Prom Night – remember about formal dress-code. START AT 4PM EST!

Much love and see you around,

Today is gonna be the day…


Hi my lovely Ice Warriors!

I knew that day will come sooner or later but I still cannot believe that it is happening right now. After eight amazing, memoriable and sometimes hard months in Ice Warriors of CP I can say – I am stepping down. To be honest when I joined the server before Christmas 2019, I wouldn’t expect I will stay as long and find so many positive, loyal, funny, brave, trustworthy and taking care people. I just wanted to improve my English 😀

Being a part of that amazing community gave me a huge experience. From being just a normal troop who didn’t understand what the hell TWA is and why did we sympatize with those black penguins (love you Dark Warriors <3) 😉 I become the leader who day by day tried to solve all problems in the army and beside the army. I would get crazy unless my friends and fellow leaders who awlays had an advice for me.

My journey with Club Penguin Armies wasn’t as long and as complicated as other leaders but for sure those 8 months was worth it. When I joined Ice Warriors consists only with a few people. But all of them worked hard for the glory of the army.  

Also I do remmeber my first huge (well huge for 2019 year) practice battle against Dark Warriors – one of the best memory and the time I realized I am a part of that army – the Ice Girl:

I am so proud that I could be a part of the biggest army – Ice Warriors who maxed almost 200 penguins online (before CPO shut down) and the army who won March Madness. I am so proud of being Ice Warrior and the member of the best Family in CPA community.

Thank you guys for all good memories (like TWA, Justice of CP, Snail Alliance, IW as Bikini Bottom, Ice Doritos, BIA and Ice Elites) and for being my friends. Thank you for showing me how amazing could be
e-community. If you ever need any advice or simple talk (including crying, swearing, screaming in DMs or voice) – you can always count on me.

Personal shout out:

Regan – my dearest lad – I have to tell you so much things and I think the whole life is too short to do it properly.  I think I knew we will become friends when you just came to the chat on a HUGE hangover and posted pic of yourself on main-chat. Big O, you are the fucking reason I stayed in the Ice Warriors and haven’t give up before the summer. Thank you for unretiring, all positive vibes, online birthday-party, recruiting on dead servers. Thank you for always being able to stand on my side even if I was wrong, even if I made everything harder. Thank you for making my each day a little better anytime – even if you just wanted to annoy me with pings TRI POLOSKI or information you smell.  You are the best voice partner, my favourite IW legend and such a good friend who takes care about evrything and everyone. One day when I invade visit Ireland with my amazing virigin Ice Warriors jacket (still waiting), I will call to you and we will make a huge party in one Irish pub, we will drink many pints and not only, and we will sing all songs from The Killers. Regan, I believe we are brother and sister but just from different families. Never change Regan, because you are on a good way and you are perfect – follow your dreams, work hard, eat healthy tayto sandwitches and never give up even the day is awful. I hope you know you can always count on me, as I always could count on you.

Iceyfeet1234 – lol hi! Thank you Icey for unretiring and hiring me in your bar 😉 You are a good friend with a big passion to cooking and making jokes about all of us. Thank you for standing in my corner and seeing possible future consequences and for being open for new solutions. When you started being active (due to corona), the army changed. It’s amazing seeing that something you made in the past, still works good now and probably in the future too. Be proud of yourself because you made something spectacular.

Madhav – I told you that before but I will say that again. Even if you are younger than me, I’ve always treated you in my mind like older brother. You are the most creative person if we speak about creating tactics. I think I learnt much from you (especially about leading events) when we and Regan were LiTs. Thank you for believing in me and for all advice. Follow your dreams!

Flamez – one from the hottest double F duo flamoo. Dear friend, I loved that time when you trolled on each servers with FinalChaser – I always waited for new puns and roleplays from both of you. I will never forget hilarous moments when I tried to convince you to unretire and join events and you kept saing I’m stuck at the library. Thank you for all your crazy posts, words, jokes, drunk voicing, panfu and Smarf. And thank you for teaching me how to be more careful. Friday I’m in love, grey, get into van!

Ben – hunky chunky monkey Ben buffle with 6pack! Thank you for showing me first steps with recruiting. I’m still not sure if you were the person who recruited me to the army or maybe it was Ghost/Drew. Anyways, you are hillarous and I truly love you for all jokes about Polish and Jermans. I hope one day we will meet in Katowice, monkey!

Alex – you rule girl. I have never seen anyone who learnt as much in that short time period as you! You are strong, open, kind, sweet and brave person who was born to be the leader. Don’t stop girl, do what heart tells you to do and stay yourself – because there is your stong. Never let people to talk bad about you. Thank you for making with me a new Ice Warriors history – 2 girls leading. The future is woman.I only hope I explained enough how did you joni this crazy Ice Family, queen ❤

Erick – kings never die, huh? You are proving that on each step. I’m so glad that you joined us in not the best army moment but always believed in Ice Warriors. Thank you for all time that we recruited together and for each uno-game that I lost. ErickTheNoob, Erick09 o7. As I said – believe in yourself and choose your own way – it will make you a successfull guy!

Tia, Aisha, Joka, Clout, Firestar, Moony, Megann – guys, I just fucking love you. You are smart, funny and crazy as fuck (sometimes I cannot believe that you are younger than me). I’m glad that I met most of you in December and our friendship survived thanks to Grapists. Thank you guys for opening me to speak on voice (espacially Joka <3) and never let me feel alone or left behind even if I chose different way and support different people. You are friends that all that damn world deserve for.  I will never forget my e-wedding and then yelling at voice after my club penguin wedding. I hope one day we will meet on Megann and Julia’s wedding (Fire, you have to pick me up from the airport and save like in January). Tia – we met in real life. Never forget. We will do it again but I hope it won’t be near to the weedshop, you crackhead ❤ Love you so much ❤ Thank you for all DMs and saving me by acting like my boyfriend.

Cargocos maybe, you’re the one who’s gonna save me. And after all, your’re my wonderwaaaaall; father Cargo. Without you I would never been brave and probably I would get crazy. Thank you for all kind words, copypastas and singing for me on voice (as Lil Cargo, I strive to live up to the name and reputation of Big Cargo as a fellow soldier in the CPA community. I pledge to act with utmost professionalism, respect, and kindness to everyone I meet, I will always simp for Big Cargo and as Lil Cargo I will retire and unretire as best as I can. BIG CARGO BIG CARGO BIG CARGO !!!)

Kay – mi beautiful, amazing, precious cielo, mi siski, mi amiga. We almost joined army together. Thank you for being always for me – no matters what and no matters how far. We are true e-sisters and the best female-duo on the world. I will never forget our recruiting time, WillBill’s fun event and love spam on the main-chat & bot-commands. There is no words that could describe outr friendship #Ohana5ever

Andrew24 – when I joined army I was a little scared of you and thought you were much older and more serious than me. That changed as soon as you started vibe with us on the CPO and we found out that you are the worst seeker in the world. Thank you for opening the discord and givng a chance to be in the army – even if for most of the time I spam your DM with stupid problems, cowboy.

Change, Thomas, Minty, Revan, Clifford and Cotton – you are one of the most crazy people that I met. I’m so happy that Buddy and Funks asked me one day about attending the event. Talking on your discord reminds me about Ice Warriors from December (one of the best month in my CP army career, it’s so refreshing and free from whole dramas). Now I only regret that I haven’t met you before my handsome friends. Thank you for teaching me new words (peng, sket, gaffer), spending time with me on your voice channel, chilling, playing guitar on voice and the film-time. You are definatelly worth melting for ❤

Also I would like to say thank you to FinalChaser, Kally (slav but not slav), Waddle, Fish, Panini (full time BB), Law, Minidynamo (chleb <3, petitki and malinki), Bex, Dizzy, 11, Orange, Mordie, Clindsz, Snowskitter, Etotix, Ned, Zuke, Julia, NoseHead, AlphaLaura, Freezie, Kris, Bri, Bailey, Sanya, Chek, ScorpionDemon, LuciferStar, Mythic, Vivala, Africa, Caesar. Thanks to you guys and your positive energy I’ve always been ready to start a new day and solve every problem. Thank you for good vibes.

Much love and see you around,

Practice Battle with Help Force and New Leader

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for a practice battle with our blue-allies Help Force. Maxing 67 penguins online, fast tactics and amaziing formations gave us a clean victory (3 – 0 – 0). Good job guys, you were perfect as always. Huge shout out to our friends from Help Force who cannot wait for another event with us!

After the victory there was an extraordinary moment. Our brave and amazing Leader in Training and very close friend get promoted to the Ice Warriors Leader. Congratulation @erickthelegend! Believe in yourself because we believe in you!

If you missed those guys, check pictures below and also remember to check our next events on discord!

That’s all guys! Remember to come this weekend for our 3 events! It will be huge fun! Much love ❤


Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska where we held a practice battle between our divisions – Blizzard and Polar. Todays event was judged by our close friends: Noa, Spotty and Chaos. Thank you guys for your time, you are the best <3. Also congrats to IW Polar (max. 21) who won with IW Blizzard (max. 20). Total max. = 43 penguins online!

Thank you guys for coming! Remember to prepare for our next battles vs Silver Empire (Wednesday) and Help Force (Friday). Stay frosty with our discord. Much love!