Final Chaser


We dominated in every army we lead.

Talk Shit Get Hit


Everyone is a MEMBER today make sure to be wearing this uniform!

One Last Time


We’re not here to take part.  

We’re here to take over.

Make Ice Warriors Great Again

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today Ghost and Myself are returning to the Ice Warriors Army as Leaders.  We are here to strengthen Ice Warriors and help make them the best army in all of club penguin.  I don’t like what I see in Ice Warriors our chat has to many mods and owners not following the rules.  We need to host more events and more Ice Warriors need to attend.  Enemies are coming onto our chat and no one is doing anything about it.  We need to build a wall bordering our enemies and ban them forever.  Lastly owners and mod will all need to begin autotyping.  We need more new recruits to build up a stronger army.

It is time to Make Ice Warriors Great Again!


Max – 45

Avgerage – 40


Hey Ice Warriors

Today we invaded the server Sabertooth! We maxed 49 and average 45.  Keep it up Ice Warriors!

Practice Battle Results [VICTORY]

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we battled our brother ally the Dark Warriors on the server Husky.  It was a great battle!! We maxed 50 and averaged 45.  We also had great tactics and formations throughout the entire battle.

Spys Retirement

Hello Ice Warriors,

After nine long years in this amazing community my time has finally come to an end.   I am retiring from Club Penguin Armies simply because I do not have the time or desire to continue on.  I have done everything I’ve always wanted to accomplish; I have won many battles hit sizes I never thought possible and met many amazing people along the way.   This was truly an amazing experience.

My favorite part of CP armies was not just the battles but, meeting new people.  Whether that be people who I like or people who I didn’t like it made the game that much more interesting.

The Crew

Everyone always criticized us but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Andrew24- You’ve been my longest lasting friend on xat.  You would always have my back in every situation whether if I was right or not.   We have known each other our entire careers and always had fun no matter what army we decided to make or join.

Final Chaser-  You are one of the best CP army leaders in the community right now and people need to realize that.  You will do amazing things in CP armies no one will be able to stop you.  You have always had my back and I will always have yours.

Ghost – We may fight sometimes and get angry at each other but at the end of the day  we are always brothers.  I will miss all the fun times we had at night on xat just trolling people and spamming other army chats.

Flamez64 – I’ve never met anyone that is able to get people so angry so quickly.  You were always able to get under people’s skin but no one ever bothered you.  I do wish you joined Ice Warriors with us and hopefully one day you will.

I will miss all of you guys so much.   Hope you all do amazing things when I’m gone.


~ Goodbye Ice Warriors

Andrews Edit: Spy you’ve been my longest lasting friend in this community and I can’t thank you enough for that. You never left my back and you were always there when i needed you. You are one of the biggest reasons why I’m still in this community and i couldn’t have accomplished the things i have done without you. When i was down i always turned to you, you motivated me like no other and i truly looked up to you. I could continue typing some long paragraph but I’ll end it now, thank you for everything you have done for me.. you my friend will be surely missed. Be safe Gannicus.