Beginners Guide

Ice Warriors Beginners Guidebook

Come to our chat for orders and to hang out with other Ice Warriors! [ ]

This guide was designed to help new members of our army find their way into successfully becoming efficient, loyal troops.


Hello, there! Welcome to the Club Penguin Ice Warriors Army. We are one of the most powerful armies to ever have been created. If you have read up to this point and have not yet officially joined, click >>> HERE <<< and follow the steps to become an Ice Warrior!

Our army includes many people who play Club Penguin. So, what does this mean for you? Well, you have the benefit of making many new friends, along with becoming someone unique within the army. Our aim is to primarily have fun while doing the many things we have to do as an army. There are, however, quite a few things one must learn to become a good troop.

What to do as an Ice Warrior:

1. Be on chat! We are an army, and with that being said, we are very social. Communication is important for our battles and other events, which is why we use a xat chat. You also have the opportunity to meet many people and make new friends!

2. Come to battles and get promoted! An army isn’t an army without doing battles/having war with other armies. However, these battles are pretty much based on what Club Penguin gives us: it’s about the size of the army, the tactics & formations that we do, and how often we do them. It is important that you come to events whenever you can so that you may be rewarded with a promotion. There are rank ups that are given to troops who have proven themselves to be active and loyal. Remember, the more active you are, the better chance you have of receiving one. Promotions are given out every month!

3. Learn the art of battling! Battling is all about competition, and if you want to win, you’ve got to be the best at it! In battles, we fight against armies using the tactics and tips shown below. It’s best if you have this part as a reference so you know what to do.


Tactics and Tips:

Emote Tactics: These tactics are performed as a defense [standing still in line] or attacking by bombing [running left to right, or up and down repeatedly into the enemy]



Word Tactics: These tactics are done in an identical manner to emotes, except that they are typed into the chat bar, and are spammed repeatedly during the battle.



Standard Spams:




“PUFFLE TANK” 4x (Times Four)







Other Tips:

  • DO NOT give orders on chat, this will get you banned. Only leaders are to give orders.
  • When regrouping from a charge, make sure your penguin isn’t saying anything, or it will look like we are the ones getting charged.
  • If you have a recording system or if you want to take proof of a battle, make sure you comment the link on the results post.
  • SPREAD OUT. This will make us look much bigger.
  • Try to align your window for Club Penguin and the chat so you don’t have to switch screens to see orders.
  • DO NOT leave the chat before a battle begins unless its an emergency.
  • Don’t dance on CP unless told to, this will possibly make you lag.
  • Press the “+/=” key on your computer to for better quality on Club Penguin.


Explaining Chat Rankings and their Responsibilities:

In the army, everyone has a duty to follow, whether they are a member, moderator, or owner. No one is left out!

Members: Members have the duty of attending as many events as possible. They do not have as many responsibilities as mods and owners do, but they do have the opportunity to rank up to moderator status by coming to events and earning promotions.

Moderators: Moderators have the duty of attending events, along with keeping the chat safe at all times. They may kick or ban users on the chat depending on what rule was broken. If a mod abuses their power on chat, they can possibly receive a demotion. Promotions for mods are determined by activity and overall performance, and possibly elections held by leaders.

Owners: Owners have the biggest job than any other Ice Warriors. They are in charge of most site duties, such as ranking new troops and typing posts if necessary, while also attending events like everyone else. They may also be in charge of leading battles/events if a leader is not present.



During battles, it is very important that you wear our designated uniform whenever we are at war or at any type of event. Over time our uniform has changed, but you can pick from of the choices below. If you don’t have any of these items or have trouble finding any of these items, just wear anything blue.

Non-Member Uniform:

Non-Member Uniform 2:


Member Uniform:

Member Uniform 2:

To read more about our uniform and a more specific description of what exactly to wear during events, go to our uniform page, which can be found by clicking >>> here <<<

Now that you’ve discovered the basics to being in a Club Penguin army, its time to test your skills!

If you haven’t already, submit a join application on our join page, and head over to our moderated chat to talk to other fellow Ice Warriors. I’ll see you on the battlefield, soldier!

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  2. I read it but I am banned from iw and I was called a troll when I wanted to chat 😦 and join, I filled it out but this guy named exxa or something banned me (crying)


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  4. kind of cool


  5. This is just sexist, I’m a girl and there’s only guy outfits. Step up your game or I’ll be moving the DCP Army…


  6. I got three questions:

    Question #1: Do I get a membership if I join Ice Warriors?

    Question #2: Can I wear what I want when there isn’t a battle?

    Question #3: I won’t be able to attend some battles because of school. Will I get kicked off of Ice Warriors?


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  8. im so joining


  9. I’m a non member wearing member clothes. I don’t really wanna change. Is that okay if I come to battles? (the member outfit I’m wearing is blue)


  10. I am new here so hi everyone!


  11. how do i get membership?


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  13. I’m new I have kik
    if needed


  14. i’ve signed up how do i get membership?


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