Training Session Results

Hello, Warriors!

Today we logged on for a Training Session on Big Foot. We maxed 20 and had outstanding tactics. Continue Reading to see the pictures!

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Estados Unidos TRAINING SESSION RESULTS [4/28/2014]

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Events- April 28th to May 4th [MUST READ]

Training Session


Sunday, May 4th







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AUSIA Events!

Hey IW,

Raven here, coming in with the AUSIA events for this week. :3

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Week In Review- April 20th to April 26th

Hey Ice Warriors,

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PB with Light Troops – Victory!

Hi Ice Warriors, 

Today we had a PB with the LT and we didn’t quite get our aim of 30 but we did fairly well and averaged 23 while maxing 26. Our tactics were fantastic and we easily beat the LT, who unfortunately didn’t have their best event and it made for not the best PB! However we made some great formations and we did very well today so you should all be proud of the result. This event was lead by Tes, Loot and Myself and the pictures were taken by Tes and I.

Surrendering Picture:

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Unscheduled AUSIA event

Hi Ice Warriors, 

Today we had an unscheduled AUSIA event and we did fairly well averaging 14 and maxing 17, but we had a really good chat size and a few people didn’t logon so we could’ve got upwards of 20 today. Tactics were decent, but could’ve been better, as some people weren’t totally focused. This event took place on Big Foot, a three bar server at the time of logging on.

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IW Improvement – Tactics

Hey Ice Warriors,

Since there were a lot of posts yesterday I decided to wait for today to do the IW Improvement post, a weekly post identifying the things we need to do to improve. This week has certainly been a great one for us, considering the past two weeks, as we maxed 35 at a UK event and 35 at a USA event, including multiple other events and a weekend one to come! Today I’m going to be talking about our Tactics and how we can improve this section of the army and this will help us win wars, tournaments and achieve a higher top ten spot. Continue reading