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One More Run

The Ice Warriors are officially back. 

After almost a year of inactivity and failure, we have finally decided to return. With the news of CP shutting down in over just a month the past leaders have decided now is the time to have a comeback of one of if not the most legendary army in this community’s history. In the next few days we’ll be rebuilding both our ownership and the mod ranks. Leaders are already somewhat set in stone. Our plan for the next month will be focusing on completely destroying everyone in our path as we did years ago. We will be going to war with every other army the moment we deem ourselves ready; which will be in a few days. I heavily encourage everyone who was once in IW or wanting to join IW to please do so because it’ll be a fun last ride and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

These last two months will be rather fun for the community, and hopefully we can keep the entire community legit just for these last moments.

Lets end it with a bang!

Signing off,

  ~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

The Return

February 2017

Then and Now


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