Fan Art Friday #51

Happy New Year’s Eve Ice Warriors,

I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday. We’ve finally made it you guys, New Year’s is coming close, but before that, we have not only our final Fan Art Friday for the year, but the final IW post for 2021. It’s been a wild year, so let’s end it off chill by checking out even more awesome pieces made by people in our community.

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TOTW, ROTW, ROTM, SMOTW: 2021 Second Half-Year Recap

Hello, Ice Warriors 

2021 is already coming to an end, isn’t it crazy how fast this year swept by? The IWNC is here with another edition of all Troops, Recruiters, and Staff Members of the Week, but also Reporter of the Month recap. Maybe you will see your name on this list, if not don’t worry your name may appear next year. Now let’s begin.

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Q&A: #IW2021

Good day/night to you all Ice Warriors! Hope you had a wonderful day today. This will be the last Q&A before 2022 :0, so to celebrate that, I asked some of you guys some questions. These include some of the activities we do on the server, as well as people’s favorite memories and thoughts about what 2022 will be like for IW! So let’s jump right in!

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Talent Show 2021

Why Hello there, Ice Warriors.

We, the IWNC Team, wish you a Merry, Happy Christmas, and a cheerful New Year full of new goals and celebrations. You guys are awesome, and you all deserve a happy holiday. As many of you know, the Talent Show will return This Tuesday 28th, and with it, plenty of awesome art, singing, instrumental performances etc… But today we are going to focus in the Artistic side of IW. This post will hold the art of those who are taking a part of this Talent Show. Buckle up, because this is some serious talents…
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Troop and Staff Member of the Week: December 27th 2021

Hi Ice Warriors Family! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. This past week we had some very jolly elves working hard at Santa Icey’s workshop. These elves are this week’s TOTW & SMOTW. Keep reading to find out who they are!:SCCUTEchristmas:

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A jolly Ice Warriors Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Ice Warriors! Can you believe Christmas came by so fast this year? Christmas is a holiday many of our troops and staff look forward to! Whether it’s holiday baking, wrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies, or simply spending time with their loved ones, the community absolutely loves spending the two-day IW Christmas break doing the activities they love. I decided to check in with our IW staff to see what they did during their two-day break!

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Trivia Thursday #44

Ahoy Ice Warriors family! It’s a me DelightedGOYAL, back with another Trivia Thursday! Hope you’ve had a busy action-packed week because NOW is the time to relax! With the #candy-cane-hunt and winter break coming up, make sure you cram in those last words in your assignment or get that last chore done before you can finally unwind!

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Weekly Recap: December 19th-25th 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s finally time for our well deserved Winter Break! What plans do you have for the holidays? Maybe some skiing, or snowman building? Or are you the comfy type and prefer to stay inside with some hot chocolate? Whichever it may be, here’s your pre-Christmas recap!

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