2020 Recap: Top Events of the Year

Bonjour Ice Warriors,

For our last 2020 recap, we compiled a brief list of some of our favorite events of the year! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and relax as we present to you…

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Last Flash Event: Christmas Showdown Final Battle & PB with RR + New Leaders [EU]

What a beautiful form to end an amazing era. The last event with Adobe Flash Player, after years of using it.

Today we logged on Klondike for the last battle of the Christmas Showdown! This time our teams were Disco Ball vs Party Blasters vs Red Ravagers (as our invited army) !!

Amazing job to everyone who came! But that’s not everything!!

Max: 70

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The End. Official Shutdown of the Ice Warriors.

So, how we begin…?

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Divisional Battle vs WV: Part 2 [AUSIA]

Our amazing and strong AUSIA!

This time our divisions Polar and Blizzard logged on Klondike to battle each other and an invited army… the Water Vikings! Another rematch but different timezone? Let’s check that results! Amazing job from both divisions and thanks to those who came to the last divisional battle and AUSIA event with Adobe Flash Player.

Max: 48

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Divisional Battle vs WV: Part 1 [EU]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Late post again but, here we are! Yesterday we logged on Alaska for a divisional practice battle with the Water Vikings. Amazing job to everyone who attended! Our divisions Polar and Blizzard did really good!

Max: 47

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Q and A: Why does DrQueen simp for potatoes?

Hey Ice Warriors,

On this week’s edition of Q & A, I talked to the one and only DrQueen, our potatoes lover! Some of you might know that she has an obsession with potatoes. If you attend our events, you’ll always see her in the main chat telling us the number of potatoes she’ll eat. Find down below the jokes behind it.

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2020 Recap: Top Posts of the Year

Hey Ice Warriors!

Just 2 days left until the New Year! In today’s post, we will be looking back at some of our funniest and most popular posts on the website! The list was compiled by looking at both views and quality! Let’s see what the Ice Warrior writers were up to this year, shall we?

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Ice Warriors Civil War: 2nd Battle [EU]

Stay Frosty!

Today we logged on Alaska for another Civil War, after much time since the last one. The teams were as usual:

HCOM + Leaders vs Staff + Staff in Training vs Icey + Troops

With funny tactics and funny moments, we made a really amazing event. Keep reading the post and find out the results!

Max: 58

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