Inactive for a week.

Edit: If someone wants to delete this post or make it private or something feel free to do so at anytime. Just please wait until Alb has seen it

So basically I was planning on telling Alb I was going to be away for a week or so today, but then xat went down for a bit. I don’t really feel like explaining why since it is kind of personal. but I didn’t want to leave without telling you guys I would be gone. So yeah I will be back in a week. I might be on for like a couple of minutes during that time but for the most part I will be away. That’s all bye for now!


Proposed Ice Warriors Member Snow Ninja Uniform!

While the Card Jitsu Snow Party is strolling along, I have decided to take the time to fully develop a snow ninja uniform for the army. Click “Read More”, look at it, and comment below about what you think about it!

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Australian-Asian 29/5/13 Training Session Results

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today the Australian-Asian division had a very good event at the server Deep Freeze. We maxed 12 and averaged 11 with very good tactics! I hope to see this division growing more and more.

Here are the pictures taken from the event:


Another good event, Australian-Asian division.

-Lion P, Ice Warriors 4ic.

New Leadership, New Generation

Long time no see fellow Ice Warriors! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on the site, so there’s probably a good chunk of people who have not heard of me. For those who don’t know me, I am Iceyfeet1234. I created the Ice Warriors almost 6 years ago on June 1st, 2007. The Ice Warriors have had MANY generations of troops that have passed and changed the Ice Warriors to make us who we are today. But we have only had 1 leadership change throughout these 6 years, and we are able to have another this summer. Since I was leader for over 5 years, it was very tough for the army to have a new leader take control. When I passed the leadership onto Albert last year, I began planning my departure for 6 months to make a secure passage of the leadership role. The preparation worked, with the Ice Warriors still standing tall and mighty at the top of the Top 10. Although we haven’t planned for the next change in power, the Ice Warriors will have a new leader this summer. In order for everything to run smoothly, we will need all Ice Warriors to work together and begin preparing for the leadership change. I ask that any retired Ice Warriors who are still around to temporarily rejoin with me to help the current generation of Ice Warriors. The veteran troops are some of the most experienced and dedicated, which is why I know their assistance will greatly help us.

I personally will become more active slowly throughout the month of June and will try to help as much as possible when the leadership is passed. Although I won’t be planning all of the events again, I will focus on planning recruiting sessions on CP. If you know of any other retired Ice Warriors or anyone who plays CP in general, then you should definitely ask them to rejoin/join to help.

The only bad news in this post is that I won’t be able to visit during the 6th Anniversary Party. I will be away for most of the day on Saturday until around 7 or 8PM EST. I’ll try to visit earlier in the morning at around 8 or 9AM EST to wish the EU troops a happy anniversary.

I will probably plan my first event for sometime next week, but I’ll be popping in the chat throughout this week to get the jist of things once again. Remember, our goal for the passage of leadership is to make sure the army doesn’t collapse. This means we need to recruit and train all new troops so they know how the army works. Treat them with respect and show them what the Ice Warriors are all about, which of course is having fun.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator

Events: IW’s 6th Anniversary || Promotions to come!

Hello Ice Warriors,

A lot will be going on throughout the week, so it’s best if we keep a much more faster pace of activity to ensure more success as the weeks pass by. Anyway, this week has some special importance! As seen in the title, this Saturday marks the Ice Warriors Army’s sixth anniversary, or birthday since creation by Iceyfeet1234. Also, promotions will be handed out this Saturday, June 1st.

We’ll be celebrating this occasion with parties, and we’ll be in need of igloos to host them. If anyone is interested, please decorate your igloo in advance and comment on here to let us know. 

vvvvvvvv ❗ NEXT ❗ vvvvvvvv


Date: Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Server: Summit, Ice Berg


6:00PM Eastern

5:00PM Central

4:00PM Mountain

3:00PM Pacific

11:00PM Greenwich Mean Time (UK)


Let’s prove our dominance together, 

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Army Leader

Hanging by a Thread – AWL Battle 1 Results

Today we had our first battle against the Pretzel Army in the Army Warfare League Tournament, hosted by CPAC. This battle was very close, but ultimately the judges decided that the it was to be a loss for us. It was a very close battle; we had lost by a total difference of 5 points, having 22 out of 30 while the Pretzels on the other hand had won 27 out of 30.

Size was alright, maxing 20 Ice Warriors most of the time. You guys did well following orders in such a timely manner, and overall the event was great. I want to see more of this in the next coming weeks since school will be over for most of us by then.We must not give up. Good job and let’s keep moving forward!




~Albert417, Ice Warriors Leader

Australian-Asian 5/23/13 Mass Recruiting Results

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we had another pretty good event with the Australian-Asian division on the server Crystal maxing 9 and averaging 7 with very nice tactics. After the event we played Card Jitsu-Snow, awesome game! :3

Here are some pictures of the event:


Good job Australian-Asian division, go Card Jitsu-Snow! :3

-Lion P, Ice Warriors 4ic.

Countdown to Glory [EVENTS]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Due to the many things that will happen this week and within the next, I have decided to end our war with the Light Troops. We have come out victorious! Also, we have had the small army, Master Defenders, merge into us, so that may help us somewhat. Now, let’s move on to the more important stuff.

Simply put, we are in need of rebuilding. Thankfully we have the Card Jitsu Snow Party coming along this Thursday, and we must take advantage of it once it comes. If you have read my post which called to action, then you might know what our main focus is right now. I have decided to focus events on you all, the troops for this week. Glory is within reach; it’s up to us to make it happen! So now, look below, and see what’s in store.


Be on!


6. [TODAY] Army League Tournament: IW vs Pretzels [US/EU]

Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Server: Klondike, Town


6:50PM United Kingdom

1:50PM Eastern Time

12:50PM Central Time

11:50AM Mountain Time

10:50AM Pacific Time (CP TIME)


(Also comment when you finish school for the year)

Let’s prove our dominance together,

~Albert417, Ice Warriors Leader