Battle Training [AUSIA]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Zipline to improve our battle skills. Huge shout out to all who came! You did great!
Big battle v.s. Help Force later, so stay tuned with our Discord server.

== max penguins online: 45==

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Valentine’s Outift Contest

Hey Ice Warriors,

:purpleheart~1:HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! :ihearteyes:

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we held a tiny contest to see who in our ranks had the best Valentine’s outfit for this year! Let’s see what you came up with!

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Life of a MC Moderator

Hey Ice Warriors!!

Now that Ice Warriors is soon rejoining Club Penguin, I would like to thank our staff team for all they do and for introducing all types of new games for you guys to play. Let’s recap on our infamous Java Minecraft server that we all know and love. There have been wonderful challenges and events such as the building contests and hide and seek! But Wait! What about the moderators themselves? For this I have interviewed the most knowledgeable MC Mods themselves: Subster, Kally, Kala, and Drqueen for an insight into their Minecraft lives. 

I’m sure all of you have been wondering what happens in the MC server or perhaps how the server came about? Stay tuned! ^^ 

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Fan Art Friday #8

Hi Ice Warriors!

Happy New Year! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. Even with Flash shutting down, there is still no shortage of impressive artwork from our talented members.

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Fan Art Friday #7

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for Fan Art Friday! We have a lot of wonderful artists posting their work! Let’s see some of this week’s creations!

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TBT: When CP Went PG-13 (Operation Blackout)

Hello Ice Warriors

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! As the title implies, in this series of articles we will be going back in time to visit a very special memory from the Club Penguin game and its community, not to be confused with the Time Capsule series, which focused on the army aspect of things.

To begin this new series, we present to you The Day Club Penguin Went PG-13: Operation Blackout.

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Club Penguin Rewritten – Igloo Catalog December 2020

Hello IW! Today another new update for the upcoming holiday part in Club Penguin Rewritten has been released. We have a new Igloo furniture catalog so let’s take a look!

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Get to Know IW: Regan, IW Mythic

Hey there Ice Warriors!

For this week’s edition of Get to Know IW, we’re talking to Regan! He is known as “that Irish dude on VC”, Blizzard sympathiser, best army rep and Head Judge in CPAH, Mr Britsout, former professional satire writer and much much more! Thankfully, we were able to spend a few minutes with the busy man for an interview!

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