Sunday Funday #12

Hey Ice Warriors! 

I hope you’ve all been having an amazing weekend so far! I know you guys are dying to chill today before getting dragged back to school or work on Monday, so we’ve put together this new edition of Sunday Funday for you guys to play and enjoy! For those that are new to Sunday Fundays, they are essentially a collection of minigames put together that you can play and earn snowflakes for the games you win. The snowflakes you win from playing can be used to buy some awesome roles on the #shop channel, including the exclusive Nightmare on IW Street role out right now for October! You can even use these snowflakes to enter our custom role giveaways that happen throughout the month. So without further ado, let’s get right into today’s games!

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Sunday Funday #11

Ring ring. Ding dong. I think I hear the bells chiming. That signals a new edition of Sunday Funday! Hello Ice Warriors! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. There is once again a new version of Sunday Funday fresh off the printing press. If you guys don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a collection of fun minigames that you can complete and earn snowflakes. Today’s print has a new game that’s super fun so keep your eyes peeled! 

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Sunday Funday #10

Happy Sunday Ice Warriors, are we ready for another edition of Sunday Funday? For those who haven’t played before, Sunday Funday is basically a collection of games where you can earn snowflakes for each game you win and you can buy some fun roles in our shop. We currently have an exclusive role for the month of October called Nightmare on IW street. Let’s go! Continue reading

Sunday Funday #9

Hey Ice Warriors! First off, I hope you’ve all managed to have a fantastic week! As we’re already starting to approach the end of September, we thought it’d be nice to present you guys with another edition of Sunday Funday! For those that haven’t played before, Sunday Fundays are pretty much a collection of fun games put together for you guys to play and enjoy. If you guys successfully complete these activities, you can earn Snowflakes! You can then use these to buy some incredible roles on the IW Discord’s shop channel or save up to look rich on the IW leaderboard. Enough rambling from us. Let’s dive right into this week’s games!

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