Anniversary Prom & Awards

Sub Zero, June 1st 2022

Hey there Ice Warriors!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, and school finally ending, the leaders decided to host an Ice Warriors prom. We’ll also hold an awards ceremony, so get your gala outfits ready! So grab your date and get ready for a fun party, remember that your date does not have to be an Ice Warrior!




We have a total of 12 awards to give away! All categories are listed below, and you can nominate people to win the award by using the Google Form below:


You will be asked to log in to make sure you only vote once, but we will not see your e-mail address! The form will be closed on Saturday, at 5AM EST / 10AM UK / 2:30PM IST, so get your votes in before that!



Event Enthusiast

Best VC Leader

Biggest Troll

Chat Hype Expert

Most Wholesome

Best Event

Sleepless Warrior

Funniest Moment

Best Ally

Brightest Bulb

Biggest Flop

Prom King and Queen*


You must use the linked google form to vote, or your vote will not be counted! Please keep the voting fair, any troll votes will be removed from the count. *Note: The Prom King and Queen will be chosen at the event!

The results will be announced at the Prom, may the odds be in your favour!

Sunday Funday #29

Hey, Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone of you has enjoyed your week so far! But how could we make it better? I know! A new and exciting Sunday Funday for everyone to enjoy. This week we will have some fun and classic games with maybe… a new never seen before game? Continue reading this post to find out.

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Trivia Thursday #59

Hello, Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday. Before we commence this Trivia Thursday, let’s give a shoutout to the winner(s) of last week’s Trivia Thursday! Please give Cloudy a huge congratulations on being the first person to answer all the questions right for the prior Trivia Thursday, good job! Now, lets check the answers from the previous Trivia Thursday:

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Fan Art Friday #54

Hey Ice Warriors

There is a lot going on in IW right now, isn’t there? For example, the Olympics and the upcoming semi-finals of the Ausia Arena. I hope you all are getting ready for this tournament! Anyways, it is time for this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday, so let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

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Trivia Thursday #49

Why hello there, Ice Warriors

As we enter and tidy up in February, we prepare for what is perhaps the most talked-about ‘Holiday’ of the month, Valentine’s Day. So what better way to practice our pick-up game than by playing some Trivia Thursday? Continue reading

Uniform Guide February 2022

Hey Ice Warriors!

The February CPR Catalog has brought many great items back, such as the blue cape and even blue face paint! In the post below, I have gathered all the items you can currently find to create your own version of the Ice Warriors uniform! Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to 2021: Top Ten Events

Hello Ice Warriors!

As we bid another farewell to a wonderful year, let’s take a look at some of our top events of 2021. We composed a recap of events that we think are the highlights of the year, so sit back and relax because you’re in for a ride!

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Sunday Funday #16

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

The end of the week is here, and I wish you all a wonderful Sunday. Wait wait, it’s Sunday already? Oh yes it is, and that means a new print of Sunday Funday is in the third drawer of the brown filing cabinet. If you don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a collection of minigames that you can earn snowflakes for completing. Today’s version has some difficult games so enjoy!

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