TOTW, ROTW, ROTM, SMOTW: 2022 First Half-Year Recap

Yeehaw, Ice Warriors!

Happy almost summer for most of you all! Can’t believe how fast this year is going by, and to think of all the accomplishments that IW has made. So far this year, have you gotten either Troop, Recruiter, Staff Member of the Week or Reporter of the Month? Well this is your time to shine because if you were awarded one of these prestigious titles YOU will be featured in this article! The IW Mango Seed is ready to present to you all… the TOTW, ROTW, ROTM, and SMOTW First Half-Year Recap!

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Memory Monday: IW through the Anniversaries!

Howdy Ice Warriors  -Tips Hat-

Can you believe Ice Warriors (IW) will turn 15 in just two days? In America, IW would technically be old enough to obtain a learner’s permit for driving and go wherever it wants to go! However, IW has been going places since it turned one. It’s a blessing for IW to be one of the fewest armies out there who turns 15 this week and STILL continues to dominate the army community. Through the tournament, wins and losses, the wars, leadership changes, top 10s, and dominating maxes, IW, no matter, stays on top! We will honor IW’s 15th birthday by traveling back to the past and seeing how IW celebrated their anniversaries and went on!

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Sunday Funday #30

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a nice Sunday. We are back with another edition of Sunday Funday. Fun fact, this is the official 30th edition of Sunday Funday, ooh. I wonder what will be presented to us here. Before we get any further, I’ll gladly explain how these work.

So every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

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Troop / Staff Member of the Week: May 29th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors,

We’re starting a new week and this one is special, it’s our anniversary week and for the past few days these individuals have been working so hard to earn SMOTW and TOTW, now let’s see who they are.

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IW Star Wars #3

Disclaimer: This post is purely satire, none of this is meant to be taken seriously :3

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the third edition of Star Wars retold by Alucard and Silver.

Quick Recap: Icey has the drive to destroy the Sub Zero economy forever, but Freedomist, Ben, Alu, and Silver chase him to Klondike where Headchicken hid him in a droid workshop. In the previous episode, the three droids, Sebzy, Cloudy, and Chek were taken to that same droid workshop where Icey is hiding with Subster. Freedomist, Ben, Alu, and Silver are on their way to the workshop now.

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Weekly Recap: May 22nd – May 28th

What’s Poppin Ice Warriors!

We are back this week with another Ice Warriors Weekly Recap! Let’s take a look to see what we penguins were up to this week!
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Misc Friday #4

What’s up Ice Warriors! Hope everyone is doing well, weekend is near so get ready for some relaxation, and good luck to anyone that’s having an exam coming up! Now, let’s get into this week’s Misc Friday, we’ll be looking into IW’s pets, foods, and memes. Let’s see who’s getting featured here 👀

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Trivia Thursday #62

Heya Ice Warriors!

The exams continue to be a top priority among Ice Warriors members, and I wanted to provide a way you all can destress a bit. Pat yourselves on the back because you’re getting closer to finishing up. We ourselves have been holding up as an army, and I want to thank those still being able to attend events at this time. Let’s take some time to ease up, as here with me is the 62nd edition of Trivia Thursday. I’m going to take a quick moment to thank Cloudy for answering all questions. Some answers were found wrong, which can be found below alongside the other answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday:

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