March Madness Semi-finals Rematch vs. DCP – Results

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto Alaska and had a rematch against DCP for the rigged March Madness Semi-finals. To the surprise of no one, we won this battle in a clean sweep; 3-0. In addition, we doubled DCP’s size at all times of the battle and dominated them like we always have. This battle was able to show the true strength of IW and how powerful each and every single one of you guys are! Without further ado, here are some of the main pics.

Max: 101

CPR and July 2020 Hidden Clothes

Hi guys!

Let’s check how many beautiful clothes are hidden in Penguin Style July 2020 catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten!

On the first 2 pages you can find the Queen’s Crown, the Wizard Hat and the Lady’s Gown.

On the nest pages you can find the Queen’s Dress, the Amethyst Dress and the Amethyst Hat.

Check out next pages! You can find the Purple Magic Wand, the Blue Dragon’s Feet and The Twister, the Golden Fairy Wings, Fairy Flight Outfit.

You can also find the Inflatable Duck, The Befluttered and the Life Jacket.

Look close and you will find the Striped Rugby Shirt, the Blue Duck and the Yellow Sun Dress

That’s all for now guys! Remember to check out our discord server and show us your style in #contest

Defence of Down Under – results

Hi Ice Warriors!

Our last defence for Mangoes ended with our opponents’ – Recon Federation of Club Penguin – defeat. Maxing 70 penguins and using incredibile fast phrase-tactics brought us victory. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. Don’t freeze up guys!

Remember to check out #events-information on our discord server! See you on the next event!

Ice Warriors leaders:
~ Alex
~ Ben
~ Iceyfeet1234
~ Madhav 2
~ Regan
~ Shinde

Invasion of Sled – results

Greetings Ice Warriors!

Today we successfully invaded Sled. By Maxing 66 penguins and winning all rooms we proved that the Ice Warriors is still one of the strongest army in the community. Starting each weeks like this is our dream – well done guys and huge shout out to our leaders in training and trusted staff for leading this time. Also we would like to thank Pizza Federation for showing up and not being cowards!

Thank you guys for coming! Promotions will be given on discord. Also remember to check #events-information and come on Thursdays training&tournament!


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Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we had the AUSIA training on the New Club Penguin before our stamp hunt. Maxing 30 penguins without any refugees – nice guys, it makes our hearts beat faster. Huge shout out to those who could attend! Eventually we plan to host more events on CPR for people to earn stamps for our stamp frenzy!

After the training we hosted the Sled Race and Find4 subdivisions’ tournament. Congrats to all winners!


Also make sure to attend our next event on Tuesday!
Stay frosty with discord #events-information and #main-chat!


Invasion of Summit [Results]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Let us remember the 18th of July, 2020 as a day of success, A day where the world seemed right. That was the day the Black Ice Alliance headed for the remains of Doritos capital, and took it for our own, Thus ending the war officially. Why the “remains” you may ask? Their ego’s couldn’t handle losing to our alliance so they left the league and ran away. A few days ago the Doritos attempted to bring back the New Dawn Alliance but their “allies” dropped once they learned what the Doritos were truly about. Disrespecting their allies, troop stealing, hell even disrespecting their own troops. (Read more here, here, and here ). Let this war be a lesson that there’s always hope for the good guys. Even when two judges tried to rig our battle for Rocky Road against us (Aubz u da MVP). justice had been served. I’m proud of you Ice Warriors.

Max: 151

Lets keep it that way

There we have it, the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors are the proud owners of Summit. For the full recap of this war click here.


Hey, want to know all the CPR secrets tips and tricks? 
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We provide all the CPR info you need!

Greetings Warriors!

Today’s invasion was “incredible”! Once again The Ice Warriors proved that we are the best army. Maxing 97 Ice Warriors against the Dorito’s of Club Penguin to start our invasions on their sacred island. We glided through everything DCP put in front of us and took the 3-0 Victory in a 4 room battle, This was due to two of the three judges having extreme bias against the Ice Warriors who had nearly tripled DCP’s size in every room. But we showed them eh. Eventually we plan to host more events on CPR for people to earn stamps for our stamp frenzy!

Also guys, the double promotions and medals from this battle have been given out to everyone that came!

Also today we say goodbye to one of our best leaders known as Whats up 11, Captain 11 Agent 11. We will miss you buddy.  You are the inspiration for all of us. Guys, try to catch him on main-chat and thank him for everything in those last days.


It has been a pleasure leading along you 11, and I am glad you were apart of the Ice Warriors. While working with you and the other leaders, we were able to overtime so many obstacles, and we’ve added so many achievements to our ever-growing list. I’m thankful that you and Madhav took the initiative to lead us through many tough battles, including several of the Legends Cup tournament battles (I hope “FASTER FASTER FASTER” is still running through your head every day). Your room changing skills are still unmatched, and I am very thankful that you had fast fingers during our battles! Overall I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I hope the time you spent in the Ice Warriors prepared you for your next steps in life. All the best!

Madhav 2:

Dear 11, I don’t know where to begin bro. You’re my brother, my best friend and the one who taught me everything I know on this game.   Seeing you in DW chat coincidentally on March 12th and catching up with you was the reason I even came back to this community. I remembered the stupid stuff and armies we used to have back in the day and I had remembered that you had always been a friend of mine back then. Talking to you and catching up and then eventually rejoining CPA during the start of my long spring break (shout out corona) has made me so many good friends including you of course. It was amazing to have a friend that I could tell everything to and have that feeling of maximum trust reciprocated. I’m really happy to have been there for you when all the drama went down and you know I’m gonna be there for you in the future when you come back from basic. Our bond, like you said, goes way further than armies but to walk into battle everyday, knowing that I have you as a safety net if I ever messed up was the greatest thing ever. I think I can speak on behalf of both Regan and I when it comes to thanking you for that. I’m gonna miss our 4AM chats, coming up with the best tactics ever, vibing every night on CPO and laughing about stupid shit, listening to music together for hours, introducing you to one direction, making fun of you every chance I got, etc. but just know that this is nowhere near the end of our friendship. I’m always going to be here for you whenever you need me, ever. Thank you 11.




Dear Agent, working with you was a huge pleasure without any stress. Thank you for being for me and support on each step since the first day we’ve met. Recruiting on CPO together, talking about future plans or episode in Pirates – I will always remember your kindness. Especially when you checked up if everything is good. Thank you for being just a good friend who was able to make fun on CPO, discord or singing on voice but also protect in dangerous situations. You reminded me what does it mean to be a human in the Internet. I hope all your dreams about future will come true and maybe one day you will visit Italy again! Thank you for everything and good luck on the new way, big brother. And remember – not only memento mori but also carpe diem.


11 mo chara, It’s been a pleasure leading alongside the mastermind of the “Rookies of CP” himself. When I returned to the army community a few months back you were always the one that I could legit have a mad laugh with. From yelling at Brits, Singing our songs on CPO, to doing some certain raids of another community. I never expected to come back to the army community but I’m so happy I did, not just because I finally lead the army I’ve been most loyal to, but because I got to do it alongside one of my best friends. The quickness of your room switches will never be matched ever [Aly’s a lucky girl eh  ] and your leading is top tier. Without your support I’d probably still be stuck at second in command or maybe in fired after that “incident”. You’re a huge part of why I stayed in the army community after a few incidents but you kept pushing me through. While you may not have the title just yet, you truly are an army legend and 100% an Ice Warriors Legend (Icey when you read this get on that). Can’t wait until we meet up for Shots on 11 and Pints on Regan. Love you bro.  Tiocfaidh ár lá!

The Completion of Unfinished Business – Official Declaration of War on DCP

For months the Doritos army have been our rivals. As the Ice Warriors, we are known for being competitive and loving competition so our long gruelling wars against DCP in March and April were to the surprise of no one. After our massive victory in that war, we saw some leadership changes and made an effort to repair relationships with the Doritos that had been broken. Through the progression of time, however, we quickly saw that this feat was simply unattainable and this post is to outline why.

The Dorito army, throughout their entire history, has been known for one simple thing; cheating. They are people who exploit situations and other people to get their way in this community. On top of this, their skills of manipulation are first-class along with their arrogance which is fooling no one. Banning me from their discord server, unprovoked with no valid reason given and expecting no retaliation from us? Crying in my dm’s about us banning them? But no, it’s our fault. We should’ve seen it coming when we first began communicating with DCP after the entire departure of Drew.

Now let’s get into this, shall we?

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