Happy Halloween and More!

Happy Halloween, Ice Warriors!

Today of course is a time to be trick or treating with your costumes and enjoying your candy as well!

So anyway, we’ll be celebrating with some sort of Halloween celebration soon. We’ll be playing games on CP and probably be having some contests!

Be on http://xat.com/icewarriors!


7:00PM EST

6:00PM CST

5:00PM MST

4:00PM PST

12:00AM UK


Events after the Hurricane

4.CPAC Scary Showdown: Nachos/UCCP vs Ice Warriors/Doritos [IMPORTANT]

Date: Sunday, November 4th

Server: Klondike, Stadium

Times: 3PM EST, 2PM CST, 1PM MST, 12PM PST, 8PM UK

Medals: 10

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Ice Warriors vs. Nachos Practice Battle Results

Today, we have achieved victory against the Nachos as we marched across different rooms on Klondike. I was impressed by our size which was an average of 30 troops and a max of 35! Tactics were looking sharp and beautiful as well! Our great formations also put a nice show for spectators. We may as well reach 1st on the top ten for this week if we keep getting these nice sizes!

Most people who attended this awesome event received 10 medals plus a promotion. A video and pictures provided by me have been posted below!


Great job! Keep it going!


Ice Warriors October 2012 Promotions!

Jack: Congratulations to everyone who earned their promotion! Keep up the awesome work!

Nitrohammer: Congrats to everyone who earned a promotion.

Well, it certainly has been a busy month for us, even if we had our ups and downs. I can tell you that we definitely put in great effort, and as a result, we improved by a lot! I want to see the same effort put for the next month which is November! Now then, as a reward for you guys putting effort, the October 2012 promotions have been posted below! Please click “Read More” to see!

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I’ve noticed that we’ve had some “slackers” in IW so I’m doing an active count.


Comment like this:

Penguin Username:

Xat Username:


Activity (Scale of 1-10):



Mega Training Results 10/27/12

Well…it was what it was! Definitely a Mega Training Session for us! Wow, it was like the best event of the month for us so far! Our size was pretty good, definitely above average. We averaged 30 and maxed 33+ troops today. And better yet, we didn’t break a sweat doing awesome tactics! So bravo to all of you!

I hope to see the same performance tomorrow against the Nachos. For this superb event, I gave out 10 medals. Promotions will be given out to active members and some mods, so make sure to come to that event. Pictures were taken by Nitro and I and they have been posted below!



 Awesome job!


New 4th In Command

Jack Edit: It is my honor to be able to serve as 4ic in IW! =D


Hey there Ice Warriors.

Today is the day. The end of the world is finally upon you! Just kidding xD. But today Dataco(Jack) and I got 4ic. This day has finally come for me. But now that I’m 4ic, I need to ACT like a 4ic. I will be trying my best to help the army, and everyone in it as much as I can. Im mostly known as Nitro, but here is a list of what you may call me: Nitro, Nitro52, Nitrohammer, Dr.Nitrohammer, Nitromalet, or Ham. Make up some more names if you want. Here is a list of ALL my leading exp:

SWAT 3ic

CW Leader

TW 2ic

YW 2ic

GW 2ic

PCP 4ic( If it counts)

TCP 4ic( If it counts)

and some more, but the rest are from over a year ago A.K.A I dont remember. Well that’s all I really have to say. But one more thing: Never give up, on ANYTHING!

Until next time 😀

~ Nitrohammer

Recruiting Session 10/24/12 Results

Today we had a pretty successful recruiting session held on the server Sleet. For a school night, this was great. We pretty much went through 4 rooms, them being the Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, and finally the Iceberg. Our size was good; we averaged 20 troops and maxed up to 25 today! Tactics were pretty nice for the most part today.

And, hopefully we’ll be able to do the same on Friday’s tournament battle. This event was worth 10 medals for a good performance! Pictures have been posted below.

Great job, keep it up!